graham head

Graham can save your life in a car crash

According to Asirt (Association For Safe International Road Travel) Nearly 1300 Thousand people die each year as a result of road crashes, about an average of 3300 deaths a day and not More »

claping has banns

Clapping has been banned in School at Sydney Australia

New rule about clapping in school start operation in favour of students in school who are noise sensitive. Instead of clapping students has to cheer silently and punch in the air to express More »

dead whale

22 Tonne Dead Female Whale On California Beach Removed After 19 days hard work.

  The 14 meter long and 48500 lb monster whale was found dead in Los Angeles at the end of last month. Its toke lot of hard work and efforts to bury More »

Graham can save your life in a car crash

graham head

According to Asirt (Association For Safe International Road Travel) Nearly 1300 Thousand people die each year
as a result of road crashes, about an average of 3300 deaths a day and not only this
there are large numbers of injured or disabled people are nearly 20-50 million.

Those numbers of deaths each year are shocking, now some scientist in Australia, was working on project Graham
has come forward with solution which is Graham.
graham side

You have to look like him If you Want to save your life in a car crash, it can be look scary to you but,
“it has perfect body to survive in a car crash” according to creators of Graham.

This project was part of an Australian road safety campaign, to create Graham they have use silicone,
human hair and fiberglass.


graham chest

He has strong Rib Cage to help save inner body parts during any type of car crash because cars are much
faster then the past.

You can view 3d Graham online, all information about Graham and images source:




Clapping has been banned in School at Sydney Australia

claping has banns

New rule about clapping in school start operation in favour of students in school who are noise sensitive.

australia-bans clapping

Instead of clapping students has to cheer silently and punch in the air to express their

Such regulations in school faced criticism from the Press, TV channels and social media.


Events like Australia Day and Hugs have been banned in many schools of Australia.

In new newsletter of Elanora Heights School, announced the banns on clapping in school.

It says, “if you have been to your school morning assembly those days, you have noticed that

our students in assembly doing silent cheers”

claping has banns

News source:

“This policy has been applied to respect all of our school students who are sensitive to noise”.

22 Tonne Dead Female Whale On California Beach Removed After 19 days hard work.

dead whale


dead whale

The 14 meter long and 48500 lb monster whale was found dead in Los Angeles at the end of last month.

Its toke lot of hard work and efforts to bury it in landfill site after 19 days.

truck removing whale

Female Whale locally known as Wally was often visitor of San Diego coast.

15 years old this dead whale was many times seen by cameramen rising to the sea surface.

girls holding

images source BBC

Girls on beach holding there nose because of smell of dead whale that was there for 19 sunny days,

you can  smell it on the beach 300 meter away .

The cause of whale death believed to be poor health, the Los Angeles Times has reported that the animal

was covered with whale lice.





Alternative From Rubbing Your Eyes, You May Go For Safer Ways To Relieve The Itch

rubbing your eyes

When your eyes are weary and irritated, our initial action is to rub them to feel much better. Rubbing may look harmless, but did you know that minor relief may come at a price to your vision?

rubbing your eyes

Yes, rubbing your already irritated eyes can do more harm than good. The temporary relief that it provides is greatly dominated by its negative effects. Below are a number of those negative effects that you are advised from a optometrist in Calgary and brought about by rubbing your eyes:

Irritating an already irritated cornea by rubbing your eyes can put sufficient force to change the cornea from its normal dome-like shape into a more conical shape. This is a condition called keratoconus.

It’s imperative to remember that people wearing contact lenses should avoid the urge to rub their eyes as they remove their lenses. After contacts removal, the eye is recovering from deprivation of oxygen and is at risk of corneal damage.  There are rare cases where rubbing can lead to tearing the cornea.

The most common infection the eye can get from transferring germs from the fingers to the eye is called the “pink eye” or conjunctivitis. Viral conjunctivitis can spread like other viruses – through surfaces. If an individual has pink eye, it causes inflammation of the “white” part of the eye, which is the sclera and the inner eyelid surface. Conjunctivitis is itchy and so hard to resist.

It’s crucial not to touch the eye with the pink eye with your fingers, for doing so may pass the same germ into your other eye. Same with the common cold, the condition will normally be gone in 3 to 4 days.

The blood vessels surrounding your eyes are extremely small and delicate and can break easily through rough contact. Regularly rubbing your eyes can lead to the creation of periorbital circles, which look like dark rings around or commonly under the eyes. The darkening results from small amounts of blood seeping from the periorbital vessels.  Periorbital circles may also be due to allergies, alcohol, illness, increased salt intake and long-term use of tobacco. Dark circles under the eyes are normally harmless; however, there are cases that such manifestation indicated liver disease or hypothyroidism.

As an alternative from rubbing your eyes, you may go for safer ways to relieve the itch in your eyes like:

  1. Relieve eye irritation by applying cool towels or slices of cucumber into the eyelids.
  2. Put eye drops in the affected eye, which are mild and can be applied many times.
  3. For swollen or itchy eyes, over-the-counter medications for allergy can be helpful. Just make sure to follow the direction on the package.

Six Design Ideas for 3-Foot Closets to help you get the job done


“I wish my closet was smaller,” said no one ever! But the fact is, some of us do have really tiny three-foot closets to work with, so we may as well make the best of them. And if you can think of organizing your little closet space as a fun problem-solving challenge, like a Rubik’s Cube, or a game of Tetris, then you might even enjoy the process. Tap into some of these Design Ideas for 3-Foot Closets to help you get the job done.


1. More is More

Finding ways to create more spots for things is your number one job. One of the best ways to achieve this is by adding a second closet rod. Purchase a standard dowel from your local hardware store, have it cut to length and pick up some hanging hardware. Install one rod well above eye height and the second rod about three feet off the floor. Congratulations, you have now doubled the amount of items you can hang.

No space for a second rod? Double your hanging capacity by purchasing hanger doublers – they slip over your existing hangers and allow you to hang a second hanger from the first. Think of it as your “poor man’s” second closet rod.

2. Hang On!

Now that you’ve got that extra rod space, maximize your ability to hang. A hanging boot rack will allow you to store multiple pairs of boots in a slim vertical space, freeing up floor space and keeping your boots protected for wear and tear. Hanging cubbies will add a tier of cubicles for things like sweaters, T-shirts or shoes. Strategically hanging these cubbies in the middle of your rod will allow you to create zones inside your closet, for example, work wear on one side and club wear on the other. Other specialized hangers will allow you to pair pants with tops to create one stop outfit shopping or hang multiple belts or scarves on a single divided hanger.

3. Going Up?

Don’t let the space at the top of your closet go unused. Make sure you have an overhead shelf above your closet rod. If you don’t, install one and you will be surprised by all the additional storage you have created. Add some zippered or lidded storage bins to hold lesser-used items like extra lines and seasonal clothes. Label your bins with a pic of what’s inside or choose clear tubs so you can always see what each bin contains. If you aren’t using this upper-level space because it’s hard to reach, keep a small stepladder or decorative crate nearby to get yourself quickly and easily up there.

4. Master Your Shelf

For closets that don’t need to include hanging storage, consider floor to ceiling shelves. Grab an easy modular hanging solution from a hardware or storage store and then have your local hardware cut a stack of shelves to size. Imagine opening your closet door to row upon row of glorious shelves.

5. Lowering Your Hanging

Alternately, consider lowering your hanging rod to the lower half of your closet, about three-feet off the floor, then fill the rest with shelves from the three-foot mark right on up to the ceiling. Pick up some shelf dividers to keep you stacks of T-shirts and sweaters neat and at your fingertips right at eye height.

6. Behind Door Number One

People often forget that the back of the closet door can hold tons of stuff! There are about five inches of space between the doorframe and the rest of the functioning closet. Don’t think five inches is much? Tell that to all the belts you have hanging back there below the decorative mirror, robe hook and set of slim-line baskets full of all your accessories.

Defending your professional license: What you need to know

USA law firms

A great majority of some licensed professionals go through their career without even being investigated by some proper licensing agency. Those people who do face the scrutiny are sometimes unaware of the process they are about to enter, and then as a result, they feel typically unprepared at the onset to sufficiently defend themselves.

USA law firms

So do you think do you need an efficient attorney? Do you want to participate in such investigation program? Can you still continue to this practice? How long does this entire process take? And what will be the best and worst case scenarios? These are just few important questions that can run through all the professionals’ minds upon receipt of the letter from their licensing agency notifying them about the investigation into some alleged unethical conduct is quite imminent. You can get all the answers of your questions here, and another option is you can even hire a professional license defense attorney who can tell you who you are, what you can do and all underlying issue which you are not fully aware of.

Here are some possible answers you should know:

Discuss your situation with the attorney:

Discuss your overall situation with an efficient attorney who has good experience with license defense. I know this would sound like a bit self-serving-since that’s what I do, but surely I am not marketing myself; I’m just recommending that you should address license agency scrutiny with some great attorney who has handled such similar cases. And, it’s also critical to be greatly honest with your attorney about what the investigation should uncover, so that they can guide you more appropriately.

Remove emotions from decision making:

This is certainly quite easier said than done, since it’s our human nature for us to look at different set of facts in such a way that greatly benefits us, and color the truth to our best advantages. You must need to trust your hired attorney to be an unbiased advocate, and also remember that facts that can be spun in various ways.

Be proactive & professional:

In different circumstances, you will be definitely allowed to practice during such investigation into your alleged behavior, which in many instances can take several years. This delay can be actually used to your benefit, if there is some issue to an address, by entering into rehab or taking some other commonly applicable mitigating actions to demonstrate the ability to correct some past misdeeds. It goes smoothly without even saying that your ongoing behavior should be totally above reproach.

Realize how process should end:

If an accusation is properly filed, you have the great opportunity to negotiate the resolution or you can even assert your right to your hearing. I agree that the worst outcome will be definitely to lose your license, but then you can reapply after some short period of time.

I believe that something to never lose sight of is that, it’s some privilege, not a proper right to have your own professional license. And like many people, license revocation can definitely affect your career for the rest of your life…





The most necessary facts about your future windows

future window at my live post

Windows in Lethbridge and Fort Saskatchewan are accessible in a variety of designs and sizes. There are dissimilarities in opening instruments and structure, in addition to glass. That’s why before buying new windows for your house, find out more necessary information about replacing and renovating windows, plus installing shutters, catches and glazing.

future window at my live post

In addition, there are numerous different types of windows in Lethbridge and Fort Saskatchewan. Usually, nearly all windows were side-hinged windows, when we are talking about casements and sliding sash windows. New opening instruments for example resistance and pivot hinges are more and more popular. Window shapes, materials and, certainly, sizes differ very much, so you should check your manufacturer cautiously. Take into account that replacement windows for older houses often need to be specially made to your requirements.

Normally, the material and mechanism of windows is selected to go with the originals. There are a number of exceptions – new sash windows, for instance- that will frequently be set with up to date spiral balances, though they seem to be the same as original versions. So, if you are replacing all your windows in your house or building a new house, then take time to think about energy-efficient products for example double- and even triple- glazing.
The largest part of windows styles is available in a number of dissimilar materials. According to windows Fort Saskatchewan manufacturers every material has advantages in terms of maintenance and look.


Windows were customarily made of wood, and it is still well-liked for the reason that it is so flexible. If your old windows are drafty, you can set up weather stripping. Hardwood is costly; however is hard-wearing and just needs the protection of oil. You can as well paint your hardwood windows or just give them a natural finish.


Nowadays vinyl windows in Lethbridge present excellent heat and sound insulation. Keep in your mind that old windows are frequently replaced all over a house by new vinyl windows. As well as white, other finishes are accessible, for example, wood-grain. What’s more, vinyl needs little maintenance.


Where most light is necessary, aluminum windows can be your outstanding option: the strength of aluminum signifies a thin frame can support a large area of glass. On the other hand, aluminum performs heat out of the house and is prone to condensation.

Selecting the type of window for your home in Lethbridge and Fort Saskatchewan may seem like the most significant part in the procedure of replacing your windows, however making certain you are aware of all of the working and maintenance directions is even more significant.

Antoinette Hayes is a content developer for a line of digital content networks, who sheds light on a variety of themes based on the best tips for your home improvement exemplified by Canadian Choice Windows – windows provider in Lethbridge and other matters alike. A committed nomad of Internet community and a true connoisseur of all having to do with the best tips for your home improvement.

Dissertation Writing Problems – The only fail safe trick to Complete Your Dissertation!


As mentioned by many expert journalists, professors  nand seasoned dissertation writers, there is a no fail, one word and guaranteed trick to complete your dissertation. And that is “write”.

Indeed that is it, I don’t like to give bad news, but there isn’t any magical shortcut to produce an essay, no matter few 100 or many 1000s words, academic or any other. The only way is to focus on act of writing every day and making it the part of daily schedule.


Just put your butt down on chair in distraction free area of your home, silent your phone and disable your internet. Just start writing on already done research and you will see things going streamlined as you keep writing. You will not be looking or researching anything at the time of writing, believe me editing and researching must be done at different slab of time.

25 minutes sessions with 5 minutes break between writing can work. However try to go for a longer (50 minutes straight with 10 minutes break, for 4 hours a day and 5 days a week), uninterrupted time. This is feasible, even if you have younger children. Believe this is doable.

Here is a proof!

Writing is like thinking, it needs time and it is challenging. Most student do a mistake of mythologizing or what it is called moment of intelligence. As writing is thinking, good ideas never just appear on paper after long hours of laborious musing on a topic. Best ideas comes with writing itself, usually right at the moment when you have run out of steam, staring a apparently stubborn problem, planning to quit. This is the breakthrough moment. Remember writing trigger 3 senses at a time, recall, writing and reading, so it put the most of your brain. While writing, the hardest thing is to keep commitment to writing and this is more important than being genius. Most intelligent individual who don’t know the art of keep writing, he or she can never be successful

A study done on 60 Ph.D. students from diverse discipline, proved that despite difference of writing style and discipline, the trick remained the same. Each individual tried hard with similar emotional or technical problems: distraction, procrastination, anxiety, finding voice, structuring an argument, integrating theory with evidence.

The biggest problem in writing uk dissertation, is to avoid negative feelings linked with difficult stages of writing process. If writing is the part of weekly routine, remember there are both bad and good days. On good days, prose flow out at a rate of impossible. Or finally you will be able to find out how you need to argue the main point or you will realize what you thought is only one chapter, is sufficient content to pour in 3 different chapters. On bad days, nothing that you produce seem good enough, you will delete or backspace so many times to make those keys sticky and so your fingers and brain. You will go through same paragraph several times before you remove it because of frustration. The trick is to keep breathing and moving with the flow, and trying to ride out those bad days.

Vegetarianism is the possibility of losing weight

losing weight

Vegetarian weight loss involves, as you might guess, rejection, albeit temporarily, from meat. But to lose weight fast is not enough to just stop eating meat, fish. Good effect can fault the eggs (quite a high-calorie protein foods) .Ranged vegetarians, too – vegans, raw foods do not just give up meat, but all animal goods. They not eat honey, do not consume milk and dairy products, sausages, butter, and so on.

losing weight

Raw foodists eat only foods whose ingredients have not the slightest heat treatment. It we can conclude that a vegetarian diet is just impossible. Too narrow selection. Which it? Only, raw fruits and vegetables, seasoned with olive or vegetable oil? The first three days of the diet is possible and so. Long-term adherence to the diet and dangerous to health because the body cannot be without proteins. Like proteins raw foodists you live? In fact, they use the proteins, but no animal origin, Proteins found quite abundantly.

Lead various soy products, grains and nuts. Than you do not have the cooking skills like vegetarian dishes, large cities have a cafe that serves the particular commodity foodists. And very diverse, and best of all, very few calories, so a temporary vegetarianism and Venus Factor Weight Loss Program is one of the best diet for weight loss and very helpful. Out forget to products that have not undergone heat treatment, for example, the most advantageous. Take buckwheat. Not need to tenderize buckwheat. You can be washed thoroughly, add water, and wait until it swells, that is – prepare. Buckwheat – one favorite dishes for vegetarians and people on a diet, by the way, too.

In addition to the products of animal origin do not need to diet? We do not want to eat sweets, cups flour, chocolate, sweets, pasta, sugary sodas and other little useful, but high-calorie food. Right have to talk about soy foods, cereals, fruits and veg. than you really like meat, replace it with a very rich mushroom. As well as products. Mushrooms can add to the flavor of the meat and pilaf instead out. Vegetarianism good feedback from the people who know how to eat “porridge with an ax.”

Write a specific daily menu, we cannot, because everything is at their discretion according to. Which foods you already eat know? And not eat, you can still use this trick – 30 minutes before each meal to drink one glass of pure of water. In this case, you just cannot not physically overpower food. Vegetarianism large amounts of weight loss results will provide a significant first the week. Than long can you live without meat? Many live sicken. however years and if your goal is weight loss only to turn over the one week a month, depending on how much you want to lose weight.

Dustproof & Water-Resistant Smartphones & their Peculiarities

When choosing a gadget, we pay attention primarily to the performance of its processor, the screen resolution, built-in memory, and similar specs. However, all the advantages of any powerful smartphone might nullify, if a device is used in extreme conditions and at the same time not protected from external influences.

The protection of a device is particularly relevant for the people who like traveling as well as for those who prefer adventure holiday. Indeed, in extreme field conditions, it is just impossible to protect your phone against bumps, dust and moisture and it is for such special occasions that water-resistant and dustproof smartphones were made, and they allow to maintain the delicate internals of your smartphone and hence let you take it with you wherever you go. What’s more, there are even some Samsung tablet devices that feature water and dust resistance today!

Degrees of protection

The main criterion of “indestructibility” of a smartphone is a degree of protection according to IP classes (“IP” stands for “International Protection”). IP – these are the standards of protection against moisture and dust, made for consumer electronics and mobile devices.

According to the IP classification, IP68 is considered the most protected against moisture / dust. The first digit stands for the level of protection against dust (ranging from 0 to 6), the second ones stands for moisture (ranges from 0 to 8). The IP protection in modern dust proof and water-resistant smartphones differs slightly, and, as a rule, it is either IP67 or IP57. The protection level of “5” means that dust can get inside the phone, but its performance will not be affected. The level of “6” means that the dust cannot get it at all. The water resistance of level “7” indicates that the device can be put to a depth of 1m for not less than half an hour without any negative consequences for the device.


The bodies of dust proof and water-resistant smartphones are made of special materials. These may be materials based on carbon fibers, structural alloys, or high strength plastic (often – rubberized). The glass is impact resistant by default and is able to withstand a significant physical impact (e.g., Gorilla Glass).


Previously, such smartphones were produced only in the monoblock form factor. However, in recent years, many manufacturers have introduced the devices that have all the modern functionality. The specs of these smartphones are impressive: multi touch screens with a diagonal of more than 4.5” and high-resolution (up to 4K), multi-core processors, large RAM and plenty of internal storage.


The dimensions and weight of dust and water resistant smartphones are usually quite big, though. The reason for this is that manufacturers use massive bodies made of high-strength materials. Nevertheless, very often, they are ergonomically shaped and provide you with non-slip inserts for a comfortable grip.

So we hope that you find our article useful especially you are into adventure holidays or extreme sports. As for brands that manufacture dust proof and water-resistant smartphones, we recommend you opt for some reputable ones such as Samsung (you can check Samsung smartphone price online) or Sony in preference to Chinese no-name brands.

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