North Korea is known as one of the largest military countries but you don’t know some real facts and realities about North Korea and we are explaining these facts as follows:

  1. Marijuana is Legal in North Korea:marijuana

North Korea’s status about marijuana surprises you.

Different reporters, visitors tell that North Korea has no law against the sale and consumption of weed. You can easily buy full of bad with weed from the grocery store and can enjoy a smoke at any outdoor or indoor even in restaurants there is no action against this dangerous smoke.

It is not clear about the official law of North Korea about drugs, but marijuana which is known as yok sam in Korea cannot be treated as an illegal drug in the state and not prioritized by the government. This drug is most popular in lower areas of North Korea and even its citizen grows marijuana in small gardens.

  1. Government decides hair cut:North Korea Daily Life

The government of North Korea decides your haircut, this is weird but true.

Kim has ordered men to copy his ambitious hair style and to limit growth less than 2 cm whereas women cannot follow him but they are advised to follow his wife hair style.

Women are allowed to choose one of 14 hair styles that government has passed; married women must have small haircuts while single ladies are allowed to choose longer hair with curlier locks.

Men are prohibited from growing their hair longer than 5 cm i.e. less than 2 inches whereas old men can grow their hair up to 7 cm i.e. 3 inches and hair are shaved along the sides.

  1. It’s year 105:calender

Well, the world is living in the year 2016 whereas North Korea is still living in the year 105. North Korea adopted calendar in 1997 which was known as Juche Calendar, that calendar based on the birth of Kim II-sung, the calendar was introduced after death of sung and sung was born in the year 1912 and it means the juche calendar believe the year 1912 as number one so the calendar has now year 105 according to it. North Korea is living with the year 105 rather than the year 2016.

  1. No free time:no-free-time

In north Korea, people don’t have free time for their work as they insist on working six days in a week and their seventh day as a volunteer so they don’t have much time for them.

Everyone in North Korea has given job automatically by the government and he is stick to this job throughout the life. The government assign job after their high school, however, the system is breaking down now people have to earn money through the work in the market.

  1. Limited Legal Rights:limited

Human rights in North Korea are limited, as there is no right to any person to free speech. The only way of news providers are televisions, radios, and music which are operated by Government. The government monitors the activities of foreigners strictly and made difficulties enter their country for outsiders rather than tourism.

North Korea’s human rights record is one of the worst records in the world and has condemned. The greatest violation is starvation of millions of workers.

  1. Tallest building:tallest-buildign

North Korea’s best largest building was empty and was just concrete structure and no more.

In 1987, workers have started working on world tallest hotel in Pyongyang, but the frame was finished after two years it had to be opened in 1989 but opened in 1992. The cost of the building is $750 million and the country has to face economic challenges after this building, it has 105 pyramid shapes, all work on the hotel is stopped in 1992. The whole building was empty and was without windows and now they are making this building a better cell phone service to the people.

  1. Largest Military in the world:largest

North Korea has the largest military in the world, including the active and reserved military. North Korea has 7.5 million service men and women in its army which are the extremely large amount. North Korea has recently celebrated its first submarine test missile. Hundreds and thousands of armed vehicles are in position at this moment and thousands of army staff parade daily in streets of the capital to show strength. It has more than 1.2 million active soldiers including men and women making one of the largest ground forces in the world.

  1. Concentration camps:concentration-camps

Concentration camps in North Korea are the area where prisoners lived with their family whole life. The camps are known as Hoeryong camp, this camp is holding almost 50,000 persons at the present time. The camp has the horrible truth that the prisoners and their families lived and worked there till to death. The prisoners were beaten and remain a slave all the life and no chance of their freedom sometimes no water and the food is given to them as punishment and almost 2000 people died every year in concentration camps and they have to face forceful torture.

  1. Ghost City:ghost-city

The Ghost city in North Korea also known as peace village that contains 200-families and has served by child care center, secondary schools and a hospital. The town was designed to decay for luring South Korean defection and to house the military soldiers whereas in 2014 loudspeakers are mounted on the top of buildings to live North Korea propaganda broadcast.

  1. Social Categories:social

There are 51 social categories ranked by the loyalty to the regime. In North Korea, the individual is checked by its status whether it is responsible for this duty or not and also there is a comparison in higher education and job facilities and also a status person can join the ruling party.

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