10 Tips to Improve Instagram Engagement

10 Tips to Improve Instagram Engagement

The most prominent concern of the social media users these days is getting the audience, especially when it comes to brand marketing. Social media has been the most widely used advertising tool lately. Most of the people post their ads along with the pictures to publicize their brands.

Instagram conquered the social media list in a short span of time. It is now one of the most widely used application to post pictures, videos, stories, and also an advertisement. However, there are some tips which should be used to improve Instagram engagement.

Now we are going to dive in on how to improve your Instagram presence.

Use Hashtags Frequently:

Did you think that hashtags are just on Twitter? Well, they are not. Hashtags can also be used on Instagram. This enables the users to stumbles across your posts and advertisements, which eventually results in higher number of followers. Use of Hashtags in a post improves the Instagram engagement up to 12.6% hashtags use. So, if you want to improve your Instagram presence make sure you use hashtags at least 5-10 per post, not more than that (that can increase the number of spam users).


Most of you might know that Instagram is mainly used for posting and sharing photos, events, stories, and videos. What I am going to tell now is something even more exciting. You can use Instagram for Call-to-Action captions. Along with the photo, you post to add a catchy Call-to-Action caption to divert traffic towards your page. Call-to-Action makes it easier for the audience to know what you want.

Figure out the right time:

According to research, Instagram is more frequently used on Mondays and other weekdays rather than weekends. So, just make sure that you post at the right time. Choose Mondays and Tuesdays more often to improve your Instagram engagement.

Take appealing pictures:

Pictures speak louder than words, that’s not a phrase but still gives the idea we are trying to explain. So, if you want to improve your Instagram engagement make sure you post enticing and attracting images to gain a positive response from the audience.

Instagram contests can improve your engagement:

Host frequent Instagram contents. People love free giveaways which means hosting a content is the most comfortable and most convenient way to engage Instagram users and divert traffic towards your page. Hosting contents are simple. All you have to do is ask your followers to tag 2-3 friends, make your product a prize like to win contents and further share your posts, etc. This way more traffic will be diverted towards your page which eventually increases followers on Instagram fast and improves your engagement on Instagram.

Create Instagram Stories:

Posting Instagram stories regularly increases the traffic and diverts followers towards your website. Instagram stories let your followers know what you are up to. When the users know what the latest news is and what new items you’re launching, they will eventually start following you. Obviously, this will increase the Instagram engagement gradually.

Add a link too!!!

Do you want to let people know about your website? If yes, then you can post your clickable link on your Instagram page where everyone can easily visit your site. This is one of the most significant marketing strategies. If you want to gain customers and divert traffic towards your website, then this is apparently the right way.

Share lots and lots of videos:

Videos convey the message more clearly. Share loads of videos and short clips showing what your brand is. Videos are far more comfortable to watch than reading full-length paragraphs of complicated descriptions. People prefer videos, so if you want to gain the attention of the visitors then adding videos on your page is the best option.

Engage with the users:

The best way to improve your engagement is Engage. Naturally, when you interact with your users and fans, they will start following you. Engage with users to gain more visitors.

Add catchy taglines and captions:

Adding memorable taglines and captions along with your photos is the best way to improve engagement on Instagram. An attracting caption makes it easier to for the users to know your offering which is good for marketing.

These are few tips to improve Instagram presence. These tips and techniques have been handy, so make sure you use them.

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