Global Water Crisis & Strategies

You don’t know the worth of water until the well runs dry ~ Ben Franklin Water is essential for human need, of course, we can live without gas and electricity but water is the main factor for the survival and due to the growth of population at higher rate shows that issues regarding the decrement of water have been raised in past years. Around the world, the use of the

Sony twitter account hack

The celebrity Britney Spears was dead – a shocking news was posted by the Sony Music Twitter account in the result of hack Sony Music’s account. The Sony was one of the most popular firms for the music also – its twitter official account was hacked on Monday and displaying the fake news of the popular pop music icon i.e. “#RIP@Britneyspears” the news that displayed Britney Spears dead on Monday.

Christmas Games Your Whole Family Will Love

The fun is on during the holidays especially if it is the time for the Christmas and the games at these moments is favorite way for the families to spend their precious time together – whether it is Christmas party or family event the games are the way for strong bonding of the families and we are telling you some awesome collection of the party games that you merge the

Dozens Killed In Mexico Fireworks Blast

An explosion has occurred outside the Mexico City in the fireworks market killing more than 30 people and injuring nearly 70 people – a terrible situation exists in the area. The scene of the blast was captured by the camera showing the rising of smoke from the ground into the sky over the town and the neighboring towns feel the ground shake about 40 kilometers and seventy-two people were injured

British Airways Cabin Crew & Baggage Handlers Announce Strike On Christmas

British Airways facing a lot of problems as more than 2,000 cabin crew go on the strike over Christmas days in a row over pay and conditions. The British Airways – the cabin crew, bag handlers, the cargo workers or the check-in staff and other members will go on the strike on the busiest days – a festive season on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. The people who traveled on

Bristol University Offers Lower Entry Grades For Disadvantaged Teenager

The Leading and top university ‘Bristol’ is offering the places for disadvantaged students with lower grades. The university announced that the courses that require the top grades at the A-level for the students to take admission in the university is changed and will offer to the students belonging from the local schools with low grades as C. The university announced the new criteria to boost diversity among the students and

Amazon Air makes first drone delivery in 13 minutes

The world largest online retailer amazon has claimed its first successful drone delivery service in Cambridge UK, to its customers. The giant company claims that it has delivered a bag of the popcorn and TV stream stick just after 13 minutes of the order to the customers nearby garden – the package is directly delivered to the desired customer within time by the firm with the service of drone. The

The Best Online Credit Card Payment Processing Services with the Lowest Rates

When you decide that it is time to add credit card payment options to your business, you are presented with a rare opportunity to do your research and make all of the right decisions the first time around. Instead of signing with a service that charges incredibly high processing rates, for example, you know that you should be looking for the lowest rates possible. And instead of looking for expensive

How to Remove Every Festive Season Stain in Your Home?

Throughout the festive periods your home can experience all kinds of busy scenarios, from family gatherings to New Year’s parties, and there’s no hiding from the fact that some accidents are quite likely to happen. From red wine spillages to turkey grease on the carpet, it’s not always possible to prepare your home completely for the festive season ahead. Here are a handful of accidents that could occur, and how

Chinese media warned the Donald Trump over his pride

The Chinese magazine has launched an attack on Donald Trump stating him as ‘Pride goes before a fall’ after the reality show has threatened the China. The popular global time newspaper controlled by the Communist party has slammed the Donald Trump for his country policy towards the China and was non-negotiable. The US president remarked over one-China policy to row with Beijing as break way province unless Beijing agreed on