August 2016

How Social Media Helping Recruiters Find Perfect Candidate

Social media are a perfect place for companies to look for candidates Firms already know it is a good idea to check candidate profile via Facebook because a company wants to know everything about its employee. Sometimes operative seems to be drug and lying about qualification but another reason using Facebook to check how well is at his job. Facebook page is the first interview for any candidate, if you

In Norway Lightning kills more than 300 Wild deers

More than 300 wild reindeer died due to lightning at Nature Park in southern Norway. The animals were at Hardangervidda when the lightning struck, and it becomes the reason for their death. Gamekeeper spoke that 323 reindeer including 70 young were killed in the lightning in the park, where Europe’s largest 10,000 wild reindeer roam freely. Humans rarely visit the area, the dead deer were found by one of Agency

Benefits And Side Effects Of Chat Apps On Teenagers

The world loves to text and chat via mobile phone and technology made it quite easier whether in form of text or video or some kind of audio. Today the trend of a world has changed; new generation mostly uses social apps or chat apps for talking to their love ones and friends. Chat apps provide you facility to share your emotions in form of pictures, your new discovery images

Hydronic heater: Environmental Friendly and Solar Power Compatible

There are various hydronic heating systems available in the market, though the use of hot water is common in all of them. In this system hot water is pumped to the radiators, heat exchangers and the under floor tubing. This is the basic process in which they provide warmth. Main types of hydronic heating: Baseboard: This is also called as hot water baseboard. This consists of a painted steel housing

Why Clinton’s Foundation is Doubtful For US Election

The Bill, Hillary and Clinton Foundation is an international charitable organization founded in 1997. The idea was to bringing government and social groups together to tackle big situations. It was kind of new idea at that time. She said the foundation is “creating opportunities and resolve big problems better at lower cost”. The foundation works on four big issues economic development, health issues, weather updates and providing facilities for girls.

Brain Jacking Is New Danger For Society

Brain Jacking: popular terms for the brain that one species of organisms hijacking by another i.e. to control possession of someone by force. How far can science develop brain-machine technology? A Ph.D. student of oxford warned us of future that sound science fiction film, that hackers would be able to control our feelings and thoughts. Today technology made a direct link between brain and computer, brain-machine is able to learn

Why Gender pay gap needs to be tackle in The UK

Women have consistently paid less than their peers; they are earning about 65 cents to every one dollar of man’s wage. The pay gap between men and women; it is still a problem in the workplace. Everyone wants to remove this gap of society but tackling the issue is not as easy as British do not like to talk about the fact. The global gender gap report by world economic

Life Stage, Facebook Launches New App For Teenagers

Facebook is often claimed that teenagers are leaving it as their parents and grandparents join. Now the largest social network has launched an app for 21 years old and under. LifeStage, this is the name of the new Facebook app that is available on IPhone i.e. IOS users can only access this app. The app is prepared of “Visual Profiles” i.e. you answer the questions in the form of video

5 Major Duties Or Functions Of Security Guards

Are you the owner of a giant retail outlet and thereby wondering about the best way to enhance the security aspect in your business premises? With the increase in the rate of criminal activities, nowadays most of the business owners in different parts of the world consider hiring Security Patrols Melbourne in order to manage the day today activities in a safe and secured way. Whether it’s a corporate event or

Tips to arrange a Wedding in an Inexpensive Venue in Houston

Summary Are you thinking of how you can save on booking the wedding venues? Read the article to get some ideas on booking inexpensive wedding venues. Finally, the big day of your life is here. When you are planning the wedding with the love of your life, obviously, you want to go extravagant. But, to be really practical, it becomes difficult to keep up with the expenses. That is why