October 2016

EU student’s applications in UK universities down by 9%

The number of EU students applying for UK universities is decreasing rapidly – new figures shows it. Data says that there has been 9 percent fall in EU students applying for medicine, veterinary science to early October deadline – the figure is revealed by UCAS the admission services – government guarantee on EU student funding came on 11 October. The previous data and new figures revealed that EU students applied

Tesla launched its solar roof tiles and Upgraded Batteries

Tesla and the solar company has revealed the roof tiles with built-in solar panels and upgraded batteries. The chief executive of Tesla Elon Musk have unveiled the glass tiles that are interactive and looks more comfortable to add solar at roof instead of old solar technology – the new Tesla product was better looking than the ordinary roof. New roofs with built in solar panels along with new versions of

Famous movie and TV appearances by Oliver Peoples

There really is no mistaking the Oliver Peoples trademark look. They help to create the understated intellectual look-and they do it very well. Oliver Peoples sunglasses and glasses compliment the ordinary so well, that sometimes the brand’s public appearances slip under the radar when it comes to film and TV. Everyone has spotted a pair of Ray Bans on the face of a film star, but where do Oliver Peoples

Experts are investigating why 10,000 Titicaca Water Frogs were found dead in River

The death of some 10,000 Titicaca water frogs has been found in River Coata in the south of the country. The words are appalling that hundreds of Titicaca frogs are found floating dead in the river – the only place the species can be found in the world. Peru is investigating what kills thousands of frogs (also known as scrotum frogs) endangered species. A campaign group added that the reason

Why Car Parking Charges of hospitals in the UK is increased by 15%?

Third trust hospitals have increased the parking charges of cars as much as £4 for one hour stays to cover running costs and funds that are taking the place. The press association has made a survey and investigates that charges of parking at hospitals increase the ratio of 15%. The analysis has collected data from NHS trusts and data submitted to NHS digital. Reasons beyond the increment of charges: Deputy

5 Most Visited & Magnificent Water Parks Globally

Water parks are a great time of fun for family – the sweltering hot days in splashing water and sandy beaches are the craziest time for everyone. We want to live in a beach area or want to get a ride on greatest waves of water.  Here are the lists of top 10 astonishing water lands that make your summer full of happiness and enjoyable. Siam Park – Spain: Siam

UK’s Most Affordable City For Everyone

The capital of Northern Ireland is the most affordable city in the UK and recently welcome more than seven million tourists this year. Belfast was the city which is developing and growing day by day and able to drawing more visitors than ever before – and was the most affordable city for everyone including students also. It is the cheaper city than Glasgow and Birmingham and any other city. Affordability

More than 2000 schools were built by 2020 in England

England needs schools more than 2000 to meet the new pupils by the year 2020 and it starts working for the development of thousands of extra schools. More than 2000 new schools were built in next four years to deal with growing population of pupils. According to scape, the government estimates 24,287 new classrooms will be built in next four years to meet building challenge in England. The projections are

Monster Hurricane Haiti Death Troll reaches to 800

The UN has warned that it takes time for complete aid as Haiti death toll reaches more than 800. Hurricane Mathews is towards Florida and now we are learning about the horrible situation of the storm in Haiti earlier this week. Mathews hit the peninsula on Tuesday with 145 miles per hour winds and one of the dangerous storms since last decade. More than 800 people died due to storm

Hurricane Mathews Closes To Florida After Hundreds Dead In Haiti

Hurricane Mathews is a stronger storm and it killed more than 300 people in Haiti when it hits the U.S. Florida urged 12 million people under a hurricane watch. Hurricane Mathews was the worst storm in nearly a decade and moving towards the Bahamas after slicing through Haiti and Cuba. In Haiti more than 300 people died, most of them are killed by falling trees and swollen rivers. The nearby