November 2016

Searching For a Christmas Party Venue in Houston?

There is just a month to go for Christmas, the grandest festival! We all look forward to this time of the year and plan a lot so that we can celebrate this time of the year in style. If you are thinking of throwing a Christmas party for your friends and family, or for the employees who work in your company, then there are a lot of things which should

Hackers Hit San Francisco Transport System Giving Passengers Free Rides

The public transportation in San Francisco has been hacked on the weekend and all the machines are offline and consumers rode for free over the weekend. The San Francisco public cable cars are hacked with a virus and the hackers are demanding 100-bit coins ($70,000, £56,000, €66,000) on that hack – the attack displays the message “You Hacked” on the machines and displays the information for contact at The

Forgot Self-Driving Cars – UBER’s Flying Taxi Plan Revealed

UBER has released its plan to launch the flying taxis for short distances – it was only possible in fiction movies but now becoming the truth. The firm is working to develop its electric taxis from different manufacturers and the service comes to known as UBER elevate and also claiming to achieve two-hour ride within 15 minutes with its new technology in the air. The firm decides on this project

Facebook Will Hire 500 UK Workers For New London Headquarters

The giant media Facebook will hire the new 500 employees for his new headquarters currently under development in Fitzrovia to increase its company British workforce. The media giant Facebook has announced the expansion of 500 new staffs ranging from engineers to developers and many of the jobs are highly skilled roles – the majority of the roles will be based in London in its new developing site to serve as

The Internet & Smart devices That Increment The Lives Of Dementia Patients

The internet and smart devices including smart medicine bottles and assistance chairs are the technologies that change the care of patients with dementia in an accurate manner. Dementia is the broad category of brain diseases and will reduce the thinking ability of the person as well as affect the daily routine functionality and emotions and now becoming the leading cause of death in England and Wales – but the latest

Airbnb aims to transfer itself into Travel Company

Airbnb has launched new service called ‘Trips’ and has to transform the short-rental company into a travel agency to allow hosts to hire themselves tour guides. The move was big as a company was founded eight years ago to rental services – the new feature of the company was announced by its CEO in Los Angles, an annual conference and they have aimed to give offers including ‘where you stay,

Is World-Schooling Is New Teaching Policy For Children?

World-Schooling is getting popular among parents – they are doing it and never suspended their plans until their kids grown up as they spend a long time with children to discover new cultures and lifestyles and escape their pressure of work and setting them towards adventure. The world schooling is growing rapidly and parents are escaping their children from school and make them learn on the roads but they believe

UK Universities Launches Course On Philosophy Of Homer Simpson – As Simpson Predicted World Events

The Simpsons were predicting a number of events in the world and also predicts the president Donald Trump as election – the British university is offering a philosophy of Homer Simpsons as a subject. The university is offering the course on cartoon ‘Simpson’ for philosophy – students can enroll in the course to wise words of Springfield’s seminal character. The idea is come to introduce the course due to its

Tesco cyber-attack raises serious questions over UK bank’s security

The Tesco bank attack causes alarm in the market as hackers hacked £2.5m in just a few hours and the attack was most serious that company offline it’s online shopping for the customers. Cyberint was the security company and said they had investigated over bank attack and added the bank declined to give details of the attack and was becoming unable for further investigation. Four months earlier, another security company

World Diabetes Day Needs Nation Awareness

World Diabetes Day was the day celebrated on every 14th of November and was created in response to growing concerns about health threat and had become the United Nation Day. Researchers and scientist are making the day recognizing the suffers from condition – the world diabetes day is recognized by blue symbol as it is the global symbol for diabetes. The main theme of the campaign is to aware the