November 2016

Is a traumatized accident lead to brain changes? Experts unveils the research

Girls stressed worse than boys because a region of the brain is shrink – new research according to Stanford University study. Traumatic situations are the cause of emotions and empathy and were found small in the girls this is the reason girls reaction is worse than boys in stressful conditions and experts believe the response may speed up the aging process in girls. The University of Stanford has gathered fifty-nine

Golden Eagles back from brink as population soars to new height

Britain’s golden eagles are out of danger as their population is soared to new height according to survey and count more than 500 breeding pairs in Scotland. The bird’s status is changed and it is now out of danger as the raise of 15 percent golden bird – in the last survey, the bird’s count is 442 in 2003 whereas this year their ratio reaches to 508 pairs. Experts also

Protesters’ Has Lot To Say To Trump After Shocking Election’s Result

Anti-Trump activities are at peak in America – unexpected victory of Donald Trump burned protestors in the United States and thousands of people crowding in streets and his buildings in America. The demonstrators burning orange-haired trump head, lighting bonfires and blocking streets and thousands of people marched against the billionaire president elected late on Wednesday. The most popular slogan of the protestors against trump is: “Not Our President” and “Love

Amazon Dash Button Allows User To Shop By Pressing Button

Doing the shopping by just clicking single button sounds to be comfortable and time-saving – this is a special product launched by massive company Amazon for the ease of the customers. Amazon the most popular site and most used for online shopping in an overall world has launched a product known as Amazon Dash Button – which customers can order their product by just tapping a single button and receive


Cyber-attacks could be launched on before and after Election Day – security experts has warned. The US government departments and white house believe that cyber-attack could occur on a poll day and lead to unprecedented operation – intelligence told that any manipulating voting will be viewed as a serious breach. The white house and homeland security departments including CIA, Security Agency are spearheading the efforts for counter-cyber-attacks. The department said

Tesla unveils the Model X with brilliant features including Falcon Doors

Tesla has launched its awaited model X that is powered by electricity and removes the engine from the car and launched with double-hinged doors that open upwards. The model was released after two years than originally planned and was ordered by more than 25,000 in advance and it was going to be a symbol of success for the firm. Model X features: The most eye-catching feature of the car is

Smoking regularly can damages your DNA – leads to cancer

Smoking can cause serious changes in DNA – major investigations shows that how tobacco mutates DNA and give rise to a dozen of tumors. The persons who smoke a pack of cigarettes every day for a year have 150 extra mutations in lungs and these changes are permanent even if he quit smoking – the different researchers on tumor shows that smoking for a long can build up to at

HIV Testing Clinic Is So Famous, But Why?

There are many HIV testing Clinics in Singapore. However according to Singapore Law (Infectious Diseases Act) Doctors and all medical professionals who know that or even suspects that a person is HIV positive or even at risk of HIV they are by law required to inform the Ministry of Health of the person’s status. Luckily, there are some HIV Testing Clinics in Singapore that have been given special permission to

Children’s future is at risk due to shortage of nursery teachers

More than quarter million children are at risk due to a shortage of qualified nursery teachers in private and voluntary nurseries – according to charity. The charity ‘save the children’ warns that kid’s development is at risk when they reached the school due to a chronic shortage of qualified teachers – staying behind throughout the life. All nurseries have teachers who are trained for child care but they don’t have