April 2017

Download Badoo v1.6.58.1220.0 latest to meet anonymous people

Badoo provides you chance to meet the people close to you like in your city, country, and region and meets up with the people to find new friends. If you are looking for the social networking app to meet the new people and explore the nature of the people then you must need to log in the Badoo as it provides the complete platform with a variety of features to

Download Object Dock v2.20 latest to make animated dock for windows

Object Dock is the program you need to install in your windows platform to enhance the beauty of the desktop and one of the most popular desktop enhancement programs in the world. This software is the need of every user as everyone wants to organize the items in a way that attracts the eyes and object dock provides you a facility to organize the shortcuts, programs, and running tasks into


When starting out as a beginner or you start working with the Word Press, this question comes in everyone’s mind. You might be wondering about the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com? Which one is better? Is it better to pick the Free WordPress.com, or is it better to go with the self-hosted version, whose software is aso available for free at WordPress.org? In this article, I will explain the difference

If you see this coat hook in public toilet – leave straight away

The technology is growing rapidly and the use of cameras in public is also growing rapidly as people wants to spy towards others but can you imagine regular coat hook can spy you? The police are spreading the news about the spy cameras attached to the regular coat hook on the back of the door – what look like the regular coat hook and you need to hang your coat

Know All About Hair Loss and Hair Replacement System

Hair loss, a problem that we have grown up hearing about, from our parents, grandparents, has taken over the appearance and personality of the people since God knows when. It is a problem that has existed since the beginning of time perhaps, but the main issue with it is the different patterns of hair loss that have been recorded over the passage of years. Depending on the age, a condition

Download Notepad++ latest version 7.3.3 to enjoy latest features of software

Notepad ++ is the single platform that provides access to the multiple languages running in the Microsoft Windows platform and the software is used by the governed by GPL. The developers are always looking for the informative tools and want to update their programming skills to use the platform where they are easy to write the code and then the code format remains similar to the others to approach the

Download Click and clean v8.9.8.4 latest extension to delete or protect your private data from browser

Click and clean is the free Google Chrome extension for the users to protect your personal information and remain secure from any kind of malware as it has more than one million users online and considered to be the top tool for the cleaning of the browser. There are plenty of tools and extensions are available online to delete the cookies or search URLS as everyone needs to protect browsing

Shared VS Managed WordPress Hosting

Web Hosting is an essential part of any online business. One of the most daunting tasks new WordPress users face is choosing the right web hosting solution for their sites. Shared and managed WordPress hosting are the two main options available to host your WordPress website. Shared Hosting The most well recognized kind of hosting, shared hosting is what you will find when you go to major providers. Shared hosting

Download SEO & Website Analysis v2.0.0 Latest Extension To Audit Your Website Within Moments For Free

The internet is growing rapidly and having a website for the business is essential to meet customer requirement at once but what if your website is not ranking at first page of the search engine? You don’t need to worry as SEO and website analysis is the Google extension that provides you access towards millions of features for the website audit without any charges i.e. free of cost. The tool