June 2017

Beyond Biomag 3D App

It’s been a week since we launched Beyond Biomag 3D reference app for biomagnetism practitioners and clients to locate the Anatomical Biomagnetism pairs in the human body using 3D male and female models. With the help of this app, users can self-heal his/her health concerns using a pair of magnets of medium intensity. It assists users to understand various scan points and their corresponding pairs in the body, where the

This Is Your Brain on Warm Weather

The summer is a most pleasant season in a year where one plans for holidays and enjoy the moments with friends and family where the sunshine has different noticeable changes towards the attitude of the person. The weather changes brought many changes to the person mind as many of us want to enjoy the life in winter and similarly many of them like the summer weather. But the experts added

This Photograph Of Jockey And Two Bulls Bothered Worldwide Culture

The bull was the powerful creature of the universe where people love the sports with a bull and one of the dangerous one in the world. The new photograph of two bulls and one jockey was spread on social media or the internet like fire as the person was holding both bulls with his hands on a crude wooden frame and their bodies are at extreme risk of death! This

Freaky stick-on foot pads promise to transform your summer holidays

Looking for the shoes that remain comfortable when you are at summer holidays? Thanks to Nakefit as design wonderful accessory for feet wear! I guarantee you have never thought of this kind of footwear that remains comfortable when you are at a beach when you are playing with your friends on a sand when you are at swimming pool but Nakefit has developed this footwear. The Italian company Nakefit has

Skin cancer can now reduce with THIS drug that creates ‘real sun tan’

The new drug has been introduced that secure your skin from UV rays of the sun while you are taking a sunbath and secure your body from getting skin cancer. The technology is growing rapidly as we are living in the modern era where the latest equipment and drugs are available to diagnose the person health and help to reduce the risk of danger. Similarly, the skin cancer is spreading

Are you spending too much on your social life?

  How much do you spend on your social life? It may be much more than you think. While we’re having fun and enjoying great company, it’s only too easy to swipe our cards and forget about the cost. But having an active social life can be a significant monthly expense which can bust your budget time and time again. From transportation and bar tabs, to ticket prices, activity costs,

Flight Delayed? Just Single Photo Of Your Boarding Pass Will Help You To Claim More Than €500

Delayed flights are always worse for the people as you reach the airport and ready to enjoy the holiday session but find out that your flights are delayed and it always leads you to extra cost but the new app will help you to get back your money. Travelers always want to claim their money while the flights are delayed or canceled but they need to face massive paperwork for

The Process of Deciding Who to Hire

Your job search can be impacted by many factors. Naturally, not all of these are in your control. For example, employers make many decisions about their potential hires before they officially present an open position. You can increase your hire-ability by learning more about those factors that employers use when deciding who to hire. Establish the Candidate Ideal Of course, this begins with deciding what an ideal candidate will look

4 Tips for Small Business Instagram Success

Instagram has got more than 700 million active users each month by this year, which is much more engaged and competitive audience than any of the other social media network like Twitter or Facebook. This shows that now the business owners of small businesses especially, have got an opportunity to do the marketing of their products to capture more interested and potential audience without spending a large amount of money

Dogs Can Sniff Out Health Problems In Humans

Imagine that you are not giving a urine sample or blood sample for health test but consulting a dog to smell either you have a health problem or not? It is a funny concept as dogs are popular for their sense of smell in the world and believe them to possess a ‘sixth sense’. We have long believed that dogs have stronger senses as dogs sense of smell is one