July 2017

Cycflix, Cross-trainer, Let You Make Sweat To Watch Netflix

Are you on a treadmill of weight loss? But watching your favorite shows on Netflix will ruin your fitness routine then you don’t need to worry Cycflix is introduced for you. You are watching your favorite shows on the comfortable sofas that remain okay for the comfort level but doesn’t lose your weight and this time Cycflix will turn the people on a treadmill of weight loss. Cycflix – project

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Eating different special things of different regions is the passion of many people but you ever eat the roasted gator? Many places in the world available and alligator is one of the popular dishes and people will eat the barbeque of alligator meat and eat different dishes related to alligator meat. But do you have any experience of watching the kitchen and watch the machine that roast the gator? If

NASA plans to launch Balloons to live stream Solar Eclipse

Everyone wants to learn the mechanism of earth and the life except than Earth and NASA is working pretty hard to find out the truth. This time NASA is working with the collaboration of the student team across the U.S and sending the balloons to learn the life beyond Earth. NASA announces Eclipse’ Balloon project: This is the first time that total solar eclipse will occur in the United States

China Claims To Launch ‘UNHACKABLE’ Messaging Service

The technology is growing rapidly and helps the people to enhance the lifestyle but it also increases the risk of hacking and cyber-attacks but China had made something different. China had introduced the latest app for communication purposes just like the other app run on the mobile phone but these messages never hacked by the third party. China remains popular in the world for advanced technology and its products considered

Experts’ warn people to their showering mistakes

Showering daily is the perfect habit of people to get ready for the daily challenges and work to find their success but nobody realizes their daily activities like bathing or brushing their teeth whether they are doing wrong or right? Here are some details and experts recommendation towards your habit of daily showering to remain safe from any harmful reaction: Wash your hair regularly: The common misconception among the people

Pokemon Go festival plagued by technical issues

Pokemon Go was the most viral mobile game in the world and fans are crazy towards the usage of a game and it had launched its first-year anniversary event at Chicago’s Grant Park. But the event becomes boring for the attendees due to technical issues as attendees are remained to get WIFI services to their mobiles at different sections of the park and they remain unable to catch anything during

Google challenges social media with launch of its customizable news feed

The tech giant is rolling out latest feature for its news feed and it is a direct challenge towards the social media giant Facebook and it uses machine learning for providing promising results. Have you ever use the limited version of feed provided by Google for Android users? Google provides the desiring results to the people towards their search as it uses the perfect algorithm for searching and similarly, it

Woman's selfie causes '$200,000 of damage' to artworks – but was it a stunt

Taking selfies and sharing these photos on social media is becoming the latest trends and many people in the world cross all sorts of length to take a good selfie but these women damaged $200,000 art work by just in practice of taking a good selfie? Taking dangerous selfies is the latest trend of social media: You have heard that people went crazy for selfie trend as recently Russian model

New Zealand woman dies after jet blast at world's 'scariest' airport

Tourists always looking for the place to enjoy the nature and some of them want to cheat the death at different spots and the Caribbean island of St Maarten is one of the places. A New Zealand women, 57-years-old were on the island to enjoy the scene including the landing of airplanes as this spot was popular and named as ‘best’ but ‘scariest place’. But the police officers added that

Skin Gritting Is Blackhead Removal Like You've Never Seen Before

Do you have blackheads on the skin and wants to remove them? Skin gritting is the new methodology and becomes the trend of the modern world for removal of blackhead from the body. The fact is that beautiful skin of the body requires commitment and care instead of a miracle. What is Skin Gritting? The Skin Gritting is the new method introduced recently and brought from Reddit Skincare addiction thread