December 2017

Follow the river Cauvery in Karnataka

Cauvery or Kaveri, also known as the ‘The Ganges of the South’ is the longest river in Southern India that crosses three states and one Union Territory. The nature tourism enthusiasts highly revere Cauvery due to its vast journey from Kodagu district of Karnataka and end-point in the Bay of Bengal near Poompuhar in Tamil Nadu. Along the course of its 760 km long journey, Cauvery creates some magnificent natural

Why You Get Depressed At Holidays & How To Deal

Holidays are the most cheerful time of year, especially at Christmas but this is not true for everyone. We are told that Christmas is well-suited time; TV screens are full with joy. Magazines are launched with new ideas of Christmas and grateful with friends and family. But one study also put shocking results in a world that this time people experience the highest incidence of depression. It is proven true

Luxurious Van Rental Los Angeles

It is a good decision that you choose Los Angeles as the place where will be marry. This city has big impact for both of you and your fiancé. It is also a big reason that LA can be easily accessed by families and friends from both side. Only few guests invited but they are the most important people in your life and for that you want to give them