January 2018

Patagonia photo tour

Far, at the outskirts of the South American continent, the Patagonia plateau has some of the most rewarding locations for landscape and nature photographers. Both Argentina and Chile share this unique scenery where blue glaciers, mountain peaks, canyons, valleys, gelid lakes, and rivers terraform the landscape. The abundance of these locations makes Patagonia a popular destination among photographers from all over the world. Millions of years ago, this rough and

Five Ways To Prevent Cold In Winter Without Medication

There’s no doubt, winter is a most awaiting time of year as you enjoy the snow. A beauty of holidays, pleasant weather, enjoys ice skating – traveling different regions. These all are the benefits of winter but it also brought plenty of health problems with it. One of the worst is cold issues faced by people. Here are some of the remedies that help you to cut cold from routine

The West Coast – A Food and Culture Odyssey

A drive from Bangalore to Mangalore cuts across the heart of Karnataka and also offers travelers glimpses of the state’s many layers. The 350-km journey via the NH75 takes one through interesting stops like Hassan, gateway to the Hoysala temples of Belur, and Kunigal, a historic horse breeding center. Upon reaching Mangalore, the town can be the base for further excursions into the Western shores. Mangalore Enjoy driving around Mangalore

Can Too Much Health Tracking Really Hurt Your Progress

We have seen that no one compromises when it comes towards health and fitness. In the modern era, technology is helping us while tracking our activities and habits. The fitness bands are quite popular in the modern world and have plenty of benefits for people as well. Almost every next person is using these bands for maintaining the progress of their health. But either these bands are really purposeful or