June 2018

More than 100 migrants drowned including three babies, Libya

The dead bodies of three baby migrants, dressed well, looks like they are sleeping were carried from ashore on 29 June, Friday. One of the babies still wearing red socks and pink sneakers fastened with a pink strap. These babies were the latest victims of the migrant crisis. They were drowned as a rubber boat, carrying migrants seeking for a better life. Hundred or more people died in this crisis.

Why is Germany knocked out of the world cup: Russia 2018?

Although it was a quite shocking moment in the history of the world cup that the defending champions Germany is knocked out of the world cup after losing a match with South Korea by 2-0.  It was a very poor performance by a four-time winner’s team. No one was expecting this type of performance by Germany. This was for the 2nd time that Germany could not qualify for the other

World cup Russia 2018:  Japan’s historic win against Columbia

June 19th Japan wins a historic match against Columbia.  It was a match that had plenty of talking points. A cleverly taken free kick, the 1st red card of the world cup 2018, and a remarkable win of the samurai’s against American. Japan beats the Columbia with 2-1 in the opening match. It was for the first time when an Asian teams defeat a South American team. Columbia played with

5 Basic and Advanced Gears for Bikers Safety - ONN Bikes Experts

Though motorbikes are cool, it is less safe than cars. It is much important to ride with safety gears whenever you plan a bike trip or take the bike on the road. You can find gears for bikers from beginner to the professional level. There are several riding gears and accessories available which you can buy depending on the type of biker you are. The five essential riding gears and

Landmark Forum Reviews: Different Perspectives

The Landmark Forum is a development course designed to help people bring about a positive change in the quality of their lives. According to the Forum’s website, these changes will help you find the freedom to be at ease and the power to be effective in the areas of your life that matter the most, such as relationships, personal confidence, productivity and the overall enjoyment of life. Luis Moro –

Choose the most advanced Fertility clinic 

Contrary to what most of the people believe, even so called normal couples with actually no fertility problems   have merely 20% chance of conceiving a baby every month.  Well! Few couples are lucky enough since they are successful in achieving pregnancy just in the first year of their trial as they take treatment in the reputed fertility clinic in Chennai. Earlier a discussion about IVF treatment was done in whispers