July 2018

Blood moon: When and how you can see the longest lunar eclipse of the century?

Blood moon can be seen this Friday on 27 July. This is the longest eclipse of the century. It will remain for 103 minutes. In this duration, our natural satellite will become red. Moon will turn in red or ruddy-brown color. The total duration of the eclipse will be 4 hours from start to end. It is visible in Australia, Asia, Africa and UK, but North American cannot see this

relationship with boss

Communicate the way Boss want to: Some bosses are very hands-on, keeping a close eye on every employee throughout your workday. While some of them talk to you once a week. It doesn’t matter what type of style your supervisor has, it’s up to you to establish the lines of communication between the two of you. Using e-mail or in the meeting, make sure your boss is informed with the

Secret Behind Winning of France in World Cup Final

It’s the second time that France won the World Cup, by crushing Croatia’s dream of a first title with a 4-2 victory in an entertaining and nail-biting final. France is the second time champion in the history, first win was against Brazil in World Cup 1998. At halftime, France led 2-1 on Sunday after a Mario Mandzukic own-goal and an Antoine Griezmann VAR-penalty. Immediate strikes by Paul Pogba and Kylian

NASA Will Pay You $1200 Per week

NASA will pay you 1200 USD per week, a total of 18,000 USD. They are looking for people who are willing to lie in a special bed, pitched head down at the six-degree angle, for 70 days at least. There are some precautions: The candidate will need to pass precise psychological and physical tests to ensure that they resemble, according to the application form. ”the astronaut population.” They are looking

cricket world cup 2k19

Cricket World Cup 2K19 is the 12 edition of cricket World Cup, which is scheduled to be hosted by England and Wales from 30 May to 14 July 2019. This event is the third biggest sports event after the FIFA World  Cup and Summer Olympics. The first match of this 2K19 Cricket Tournament will be played at Kennington Oval and the last match will be played at the historic ground

Wear sunglasses while driving otherwise you will pay £2500….

The UK is finally enjoying summers but it makes driving unsafe without sunglasses. Most of us like the warm weather. But the bright sunlight makes the driving difficult. As sometimes sunlight reflection from the bonnet makes impossible to see the road. This will lead to an accident. Therefore it is necessary to get a pair of sunglasses while driving. Drivers who don’t wear sunglasses will be fined £2500. Because while