300 Out Of 400 Whales Are Died On New Zealand Beach

300 Out Of 400 Whales Are Died On New Zealand Beach

Volunteers are facing extreme time in New Zealand to rescue the hundreds of the whales on a beach and one-third of them have been died and considered to be one of the largest mass beachings.

This is the worst time for the New Zealand that more than 400 whales were found on Friday and nearly quarter of them are already dead and the department of the conservation said volunteers to refloat the survivors and it is considered to be one of the worst cases that country has seen.

What cause whale to beach them?

The scientist and experts were amazed at the scene of the whales and do not know what exactly causes the whales to beach themselves but sometimes whales lose the navigational errors and landed mistakenly themselves but this is the largest mass breach of the country.

The department was worried about the scene and the conversation department added that they had received the information on a Thursday night but it is not possible to start the rescue operation in the dark – they need to wait until Friday.

The hundreds of local people and the conversation department are trying to succeed the rescue operation and forced the pilot whales to refloat. The volunteer rescue group said that nearly 416 pilot whales are stranded and the death rate of the whales is 75 percent i.e. 250 to 300 whales are dead.

The department spokesperson for the New Zealand added that this is considered to be the country largest water breach – the volunteers are trying to survive the pilot whales by putting a bucket of water on them and putting sheets and trying to keep them calm.

The authorities are still calling the people to work with the volunteers that are expert and know how to survive the whales in the critical stage – hundreds of whales are already dead and we want to save the others whales.

One volunteer added that ‘we refloat the whales but it is hard for whales to re-swim in deep water as no fins mean no breathing and we are looking at hundreds of dead whales and the scene is considered to be the really, really sad’.

The New Zealand whale strand is considered to be the national third largest whale strand in the world as the largest one has 1000 pilot whales strand and the second largest has 450 whales stranded.

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