5 Basic and Advanced Gears for Bikers Safety – ONN Bikes Experts

5 Basic and Advanced Gears for Bikers Safety - ONN Bikes Experts

Though motorbikes are cool, it is less safe than cars. It is much important to ride with safety gears whenever you plan a bike trip or take the bike on the road. You can find gears for bikers from beginner to the professional level. There are several riding gears and accessories available which you can buy depending on the type of biker you are. The five essential riding gears and accessories from a beginner to the professional level is listed below which will help you in finding a perfect motorcycle riding gear.

1. Motorcycle Helmets

The first and the most important motorbike gear every biker should and must have is the helmet. It is recommended to everyone – irrespective of the level of proficiency. Always buy those helmets which are trademark registered. Only buy helmets which are cushioned appropriately with strap belts that make you feel comfortable. 


Avoid using open face helmet, as it can cause a lot of distraction while riding. Experts say that a helmet with an ISI mark can protect the skull from heavy damages even in worst scenarios. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a helmet only with an ISI mark.Source: rideapart.com

Customization of helmet is one of the alternatives to ensure your safety, according to your fit and choice.

  1. Motorcycle Jackets

There is a difference between motorcycle jackets and regular jackets. Motorcycle jackets are made in a way to protect fragile parts of your body such as chest, arms, ribs, and shoulders, making it one of the most important accessories for all bikers. So, it is advisable to understand the difference between regular jackets and motorcycle jackets.

In case you are heading out to purchase a perfect motorbike jacket, then look for the following functions:

  • Ventilation


Credits: sportsbikeshop.co.uk

Protection for your body is important, and so is ventilation! Whether it is warm or cold weather, when you are out in the Sun, your body sweats. Hence, your jackets should be in a way to reflect the Sun rays. If you are planning for a ride on your favourite bike but the weather forecast shows sunny, there are lightweight motorcycle jackets to your rescue. What are you waiting for? Go get them, and ride like a pro!

  • Weather Protection

For bike lovers, there is no stopping if you plan a road trip, and you never know when the weather will change. There are some jackets which are especially made for winter and rainy season as they are water-resistant and also absorb enough heat to keep your body cool during the bike ride.

  • Impact Protection

Different types of jackets provide a different level of impact protection. These include protection for elbows, shoulder, chest, and ribs. The level of the protection rises from the basic foam layer to a CE marked jackets with sliders. To be on the safer side, it is always suggested to buy a CE marked jackets.

 Credits: sportsbikeshop.co.uk

  1. Gloves


Gloves are also a vital part of riding gear and accessories. And that’s because if an accident happens the first thing you use is your hands when you are about to fall and in that case, having your hands covered with the gloves can save you from damaging your hands. There are few things you should keep in mind while buying your hand gear.

Credits: leather-rider.com

Leather gloves are the most popular gloves that are used by most bikers. But buying just leather gloves will not do any good to you. To have a perfect pair of gloves, the first thing you should look for is the type of comfort you are getting. Gloves have to be well-foamed which will help in grabbing a good grip on the bike. Always opt for full-length gloves covering all your fingers so that you are well protected.

  1. Pants

One cannot just avoid the leg gears and go out with his/her bike. Apart from riding your bike in Denim jeans, there are other leg motorbike gears too which are detailed below.

  • Riding Jeans

These jeans are a little different from those of normal denim jeans. While normal denim jeans can just protect you from getting hurt till 10 meters, these riding jeans are crafted in such a way, as to have much capacity than that of normal jeans.

 Source: AliExpress.com

  • Leather Pants

Like leather jackets, gloves, there are leather pants too and the combination of the three gives it an astonishing look. Leather pants are always good to opt for because the fabric used in these pants are always of great quality and protects you to a great extent.


Source: AliExpress.com

  1. Boots

Just like head and body protection, foot protection is equally important. For biking gears, you should choose footwear which is tough, rigid and covers your ankle as it protects your foot whenever you put it  down. In addition to this, your feet will also be protected from the bumps and burns.

The below-mentioned points will help you in finding your foot gears.

A pair of hiking boots are necessary, but make sure the sole of the boots are hard and rigid. Some of the boots are specially designed to be oil resistant and have a durable sole which will gives you a good grip on the foot peg preventing your foot from slipping.

  • High Ankle Boots

High Ankle or Touring boots are one of the most popular foot gears which are used by most of the bikers. Because of its rigidness, ankle support, and shin protection, it is preferred by most of the bikers.

Credits: motorcycle-usa.com

  • Heavy Boots

Heavy boots or Cruiser boots are designed for long rides on cruise motorbikes. These boots offer a great grip and impact protection to the foot saving you from all types of bumps and burns.

The riding gears for beginners are discussed above; that is only the bikers who are in an early stage of biking can benefit with these riding gears and accessories. If you are a pro biker, you will not gain much benefit from motorbike gears discussed above.

You need to have a little addition to the given accessories if you are a pro biker. Extreme riding gears for professionals are discussed below.

  • If above-discussed motorbike gears are followed strictly, it will help everyone to avoid major damages at the time of an accident.With the helmet, you don’t need to do many additions; just buying a sturdier helmet will do the job.
  • Coming to the jackets, you can look for jackets that come with the elbow cap that protect your elbow from damage. Also, opt for zipper jacket so that you don’t feel uncomfortable during bike ride.
  • For legs, you can buy knee cap which you can wear under or over the pants that will protect your knees from getting damaged.


All things considered, riding gear gives an extra layer of protection. ONN Bikes – Bike Rentals offers motorbikes for rent at Hyderabad, Bangalore, Jaipur, Udaipur, Kota and Mysuru. Rent your favourite bike from ONN Bikes at affordable rentals.

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