5 Most Visited & Magnificent Water Parks Globally

5 Most Visited & Magnificent Water Parks Globally

Water parks are a great time of fun for family – the sweltering hot days in splashing water and sandy beaches are the craziest time for everyone. We want to live in a beach area or want to get a ride on greatest waves of water.  Here are the lists of top 10 astonishing water lands that make your summer full of happiness and enjoyable.

  1. Siam Park – Spain:

Siam Park is Water Park located in Tenerife Island in Spain – and one of the largest water lands in the world. The park consists of Siamese theme and was the most attractive point in Europe. The park is built on a hill featuring the slides just as roller coasters and was the world’s first green park and one of the largest air-conditioned outdoor Aquatic Park in the world.siam

The thrilling toboggan ride opened where rider travels at speed of 18 meters per second and its height is 240m of speed curves changing direction fourteen times became the most focal point of the park.

The tower of park slide is also very popular as it sends rider through an area of sharks in a transparent and vertical slide. The park also has records of the statue of the largest dragon, the largest man-made wave and increment of diversity in slides.

  1. Aqua venture Waterpark – Dubai:dubai

Water Park in Dubai was the best park in the Middle East having a collection of wide range of slides in the park. The park consists of longest river ride (2.3 kilometers) made its attractive point.

The park was of 700 meters private beach having record breaking slides and rides in the beach. The beach consists of Shark Lagoon for visitors and incredible water coasters.

The Children’s area of the park was remarkable for kids to move them on next level – the area consists of hanging bridges, water cannons, and climbing frames. Incredible Country Park enjoyed everyone here and has a great time.

  1. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park – Florida:orlando

Disney Typhoon Water Park located in Orlando featuring two operating water parks at resort – making attraction points for both families and especially for children with fast water slides.

The visitors or companions can enjoy 6ft waves in surf pool even with real sharks – the main attraction of the Water Park is crush n gusher slides that provide you three different slides bananas, coconut, and pineapple which is one of the longest ride ranges from 410 to 420 ft.

The main theme of the park is to serve as Disney land and have almost second largest visitors towards this zone and its miss fortune and the sandy white beach is a great attraction.

  1. Beach Park – Brazil:brazil

Beach Park is the largest park including slides, swimming pools, ecological walks and 14 flours height of slide make this park magnificent. The park welcomes nearly 1 million visitors every year and the park affiliated with lots of entertainment and tourism.

The beach offers activities for kids to take participate in sports and enrich their experience and have beach baby that facilitates parents to enjoy adult activities.

The attractions of the park including treasure land which is totally full of water cannons and lighthouse for families – the beach grill inside the park where you can enjoy a variety of seafood dishes.

  1. Water cube Waterpark – Beijing:beijin

The Beijing National Aquatics Center is also known as water cube park forming the shape of an actual cube. All of the rides of the cubic center were designed overseas and shipped in.

Beijing water land has become most designated place for visitors the main attraction towards the park is Aqua loop slide and Bullet bowl where riders are sent to a big bowl of water.

The park has much more attraction and used for Olympics purposes and more than 2 million records were made in the park in 2008 and after that, it is open for public few days and has brought unbelievable visitors every year.

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