8 Helpful Tips To Hire A Professional Plumber For Your Bathroom And Kitchen Needs

8 Helpful Tips To Hire A Professional Plumber For Your Bathroom And Kitchen Needs

There are several plumbing tasks that can be done by you with the help of various DIY guides that are readily available online. However, this may not be the case always. You may be in a situation where you need the help of a professional plumber. All types of plumbing activities can be easily managed by a pro. You need to follow certain tips before you actually hire a plumber for your bathroom and kitchen.  It may be a challenging task to look for the best plumber in your area as the good ones may not be available easily as they are high in demand and may charge extra for their rare expertise.

  1. Ensure plumber is licensed and have good track record

While looking or a plumber, check if they have a valid license for his job. Apart from license they also need to have insurance which can protect you and your neighbors in case of any adverse issues. When you check their license make sure to understand they do not have any pending complaints against them. It is essential to note that even if a plumber has a license they may not be excellent at their job. The value of the plumber can be better understood through references or word of mouth. 


  1. Look for neighbor advice

If your neighbor’s have done their remodeling talk to them and understand which plumber, they employed and understand about that plumber. Depending on your need is it for emergency repair, a quick fix or for construction and remodeling you can look for a suitable plumber.

  1. Make your Plumbing Plan

Before you look for plumbers understand your need.  If the plumber represents a company he would be accountable for each minute, he spends. The plumber will help you execute the plan you have done although he may not be able to sit and devise the plan with you this is a good idea as well.

  1. A clear Understanding about the service offered by the plumber

Before you hire a plumber understand:

  • If he works on hourly basis or on project basis.
  • Understand if the plumber will charge you for certain non-plumbing tasks that he would be doing.
  • Understand from him, will he be charging you for the time he would wait till the products are delivered at your place.
  • Do they have any liability insurance?
  1. Spending time to make few calls

Once you look for a company to ask for a plumber call and ask for the manager. Your patience is important as in most cases the plumbing companies like to deal directly with the contractors and may not deal directly with the home owners as it is not in demand.

  1. Get a Permit

In majority of the cases, the plumber may not obtain the permit for you to do the plumbing job. In case he does it would be great, if not you need to apply and get a permit before you start the job. In case you are planning to renovate your bathroom and planning to move the plumbing line or you want to add a new gas pipe line, you will have to take the permission of the concerned authorities before you start the work. A professional plumber will know for which task permit is required and also the process to get the permit. It will be better to take is assistance and apply. Or you can know the requirements from the authority directly and apply for the permission, to avoid any delay in work.


  1. Buying the necessary fittings and fixtures

Once you have finalized the plumbing plan you can shop for the necessary fittings like sinks, bathtubs, toilets and the other essential things needed. This can save a lot of time and cost.

  1. Do the ground work

Some good plumbers charge a high rate for their job. In order to save on the hourly costs, you can do some ground work and keep things ready for him to come and do the job. For example, if a wall has to be opened it can be done before the plumber visits your place. Cleaning the crawlspaces and also lighting up the basements are some things which can be done before the plumber visits the place.


  1. I always ask for recommendations from friends and family for who they use if I don’t already have someone and it is important to check to ensure that they are properly certified as well. Great tips, thanks for sharing!


  2. I had no idea that a plumber may not obtain permits for you to do the plumbing job for which they’re being hired. Thanks for the tip, I’ll be sure to make sure we get the proper permits the next time we hire a plumber. Do permits for the plumber cost additional money?


  3. You have some great tips for hiring a good plumber. I agree that it’s smart to look and make sure the plumber is licensed. I wouldn’t want a self-taught plumber working on my pipes, that’s for sure.


  4. I like your idea to make sure a plumber is certified and insured; it’s a small step that can save you from a lot of trouble. I think it’s also good to ask if he or she offers any guarantees on the work done. Another good way to check to see if a plumber is good is to check for online reviews or ratings.


  5. These are helpful tips for finding a good plumber. I like how you said to do some of the easy work for them, before they get there. We need a leak checked under our sink, so I bet I can clean that all out and bare that area.


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