Airbnb aims to transfer itself into Travel Company

Airbnb aims to transfer itself into Travel Company

Airbnb has launched new service called ‘Trips’ and has to transform the short-rental company into a travel agency to allow hosts to hire themselves tour guides.

The move was big as a company was founded eight years ago to rental services – the new feature of the company was announced by its CEO in Los Angles, an annual conference and they have aimed to give offers including ‘where you stay, what you do and the people you meet’.

Airbnb made available his service to the users from today and has been working for this for few months and now make it practically available for the consumers to enjoy their unique local travel experience. The users, consumers are allowed to book their whole travel including hotel, food, music and history with just one single app of Airbnb.

The firm made service available to twelve (12) cities where users are capable of booking their tour – the cities included are Los Angeles, San Francisco, Havana, Tokyo, Seoul, Miami, Nairobi, Cape Town, Florence and Paris and they are working to offer tours and experiences in further cities. The prices of different trips depend upon their desired location.

The company also increases the authentication process for the customers in which it validates the users as a consumer has to upload his government-issued form such as driving license with a photograph or may upload passport and later these images are reviewed to confirm the same person. The new aim of the firm is to provide comfortable service to the customers and make money from their passions.

Airbnb will charge the service fee on bookings and will enhance its business early.

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