Amazon Dash Button Allows User To Shop By Pressing Button

Amazon Dash Button Allows User To Shop By Pressing Button

Doing the shopping by just clicking single button sounds to be comfortable and time-saving – this is a special product launched by massive company Amazon for the ease of the customers.

Amazon the most popular site and most used for online shopping in an overall world has launched a product known as Amazon Dash Button – which customers can order their product by just tapping a single button and receive the delivery at home door.

The internet evaluation is at peak and here magic button comes into existence where you need to press a button without any log on to your computer or any site or get out of your credit card – amazon is making shopping easier for the users.

Amazon has launched the Dash button in the UK – the button is powered by Wi-Fi and a physical button is linked to Amazon Prime account. The buttons are WIFI enabled gadgets and when the button is pressed the amazon charged the customer and make sure his delivery at home. This technology is only visible in the UK.

The customer has to buy this smart dash button and its cost is £4.99 – the only need is that customer must be a part of Amazon Prime Service – with the help of button anything that exists in real house item can be ordered including Gillette, toilet roll or paste or soap – a list of products are available that are part of deal.

The director of Amazon Dash said: the idea is to provide you home accessories – frequently used products you don’t need to run out whenever stock is ending you may press the button and order is at home and the company is also working on Dash Replenishment that is one step farther than this.

Each dashed box comes with cardboard box unpack them and set up them by giving the password of your WIFI network, select the quantity and save the data – and the other information is picked from your amazon account. It doesn’t take long to activate once it is set then you have to press a button in the

Once you have setup the devices then you attach your devices to the walls of your house and then when time comes place your order via a single button. Amazon Dash button works with their specific branded companies – customers can store these devices next to their fridge, toilets or other appliances.

The amazon button is only in working condition while the customer is a member of prime services that charged £79 per year – with this user can get his delivery next day. The customer have to buy every brand dash button separately e.g. if customer order washing-up liquid and nappies then he has to buy two different buttons.

The services of Dash button and its popularity among the customers – amazon is working on Dash replenishment in which it used automated services that allow user not to worry about ending of the stock it will order by itself on behalf of the customer, however, as company has grown with greater partnership than it will launch this product with variety of branded companies.

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