Amazon Key Let Couriers Enter Into Your House

Amazon Key

Amazon always wants to bring people together with the advancement of technology. People are relying on Amazon and latest advertisement of courier services is most demanded one. Amazon has plans to drop off packages directly into shopper’s home.

Don’t you believe that? On Wednesday, the largest online retailer announces the Amazon Key system. This system comes along with a camera and a lock that users control remotely from anywhere. It will allow the couriers to deliver goods right inside their home.

The working of latest Amazon Key System is simple and efficient!

The Amazon has announced this system in the growing market of house security devices. This is helpful when the person is not at home and he/she don’t want their package stolen from their doorstep.

The system of the latest locking system is quite simple and can easily integrate into the home. Users just need to attach the cloud devices inside their hall and a compatible smart lock on their door.

Whenever the Amazon courier arrives at your door, they will open the door and drop the package inside. The idea is simple and the camera will record the whole scene and the delivery to make sure it all goes as it should. This service is also good when people want cleaning services for their homes.

Amazon’s verification at the time of unlocking the door:

Amazon vice president added that this service is the core part of the online shopping experience. The system will advance the courier services and cloud camera will support the system.

Couriers have instruction to ring the doorbell and knock and wait for the person. If no one greets them at the door then use their mobile phone and unlock the door in a mobile app. The camera will stream the whole scene and remotely can watch in-home delivery.

Couriers will also need to scan a barcode and once delivery has been verified online. Later, they will be able to unlock the door with the mobile app.

The users have an option whether they want to watch a live video of delivery or either receives a short video clip after drop-off.

There are obvious security and privacy concerns:

It is unclear whether this system is reliable for the customers and helps them every time. After all, it is raising questions in people’s mind what if lock system fails due to a technical glitch? Do you really want to allow Amazon to unlock your front door at any time?

Peter Larsen said that theft did not happen when they tested this system. If you think problems occur then make sure to call the customer service center and files a claim. Amazon is always willing to work with customers to make sure clients remain safe.

The company added that they will start their locking service from November 8 in 37 U.S locations. Users with home security services should need to disarm them on the day of delivery.

Here is a video showing the latest advertisement of Amazon service and how it works:


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  1. We all know that Amazon always introduces new technology to ease lifestyle of people. This is a reason people always willing to enhance their lifestyle with Amazon technology as this ‘Key lock’ system will definitely save the time of people as well as a company also.


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