Anonymous Warns World To Prepare For World War 3

Anonymous Warns World To Prepare For World War 3

The hacktivist group known as Anonymous posted a video warning people across the globe to prepare for the world war 3 due to the conflict between the US and North Korea.

The anonymous posted the six minutes video on the YouTube warning the people about the world war 3 as they stated that the nations US and North Korea ready themselves for the battle and the video they shared showed several claims about recent military movements.

The hackers group added that all the signs of looming war on the Korean peninsula are surfacing and they urges the users and people from the world to get ready and prepare for the world war movement and used their signature Guy Fawkes character to warn the people.

The representation of the video is guy Fawkes mask that is considered to be warning sign between a battle of North Korea and the US where their previous videos, the man’s voice has been digitized to remove any trace of identity.

The hackers video of six minutes claims many different aspects as they ensure that this conflict between two states lead to the world war 3 as the past wars there will be ground troops and the battle is likely to be fierce, brutal and quick and the world war will also devastate the environmental and economic levels of the globe.

They also warn about the recent warning of Japanese government of same prediction and the video states that this is the real war with the global consequences and they added that three super nations in the same conflict will lead other nations to be coerced into choosing sides.

The China already announced their citizens to return the home as tensions in the conflict are growing rapidly and the conflict is becoming serious towards the war and the video also shows different aspects that government doesn’t want you to know.

The video also states that the US and South Korea are working together to keep the peace in the state but the fact is that the nations are on deaf ears and just warning the people to remain to prepare for the world war 3 as the situation is getting out of control.

The hacktivist group anonymous was infamous but remain popular towards their tweets as they tweet towards Donald Trump that he has personal ties with the Russia and different aspects with the Russians but the video doesn’t show any evidence towards their words.

They just added that you need to prepare for the war and we are anonymous as we are legion and never forgive and do not forget in one of their statement of the video.


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