Apple reveals IPhone 7 with water resistance and ditches headphone jack

Apple reveals IPhone 7 with water resistance and ditches headphone jack

Apple announced and launched its new IPhone 7 which is waterproof and dust resistant.

The new phone looks more attractive with its new features including dual camera, faster processor and more battery life and removal of the headphone jack.

It also comes with a new range of colors starting size of mobile with 32 GB. IPhone 7 has a dual camera and new features but 7 plus has more powerful dual lens for the camera.

Apple eliminates headphone jack:_91064519_c743c605-c2a8-4cf7-bab2-7501442dd2e3

The design of new apple IPhone 7 has changed, mobile was revealed on Wednesday during the annual event at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.

Apple is creating new models skinner as they are dropping old-style headphone jack, the firm has been motivated by courage.

The lack of 3.5 mm headphone jack is not only acting of courage but it is an act of leverage, the firm said lightning connector is used instead of jack that will make room for other components, they will also promote the use of wireless earphones, however, an adapter is required for old headphones._91064556_5b323611-95ce-4a9b-92eb-24738cbd1e42

Now Apple has offered two options, first is earbuds that connect through lightning charger and the second option is new wireless ear buds called Air pods.

Air pods:_91064447_3d76a211-dcc2-4cc6-88b9-e218c8a1b996

Air pods sound is amazing, it has new technology chip that cancels the noise and resolves all problems that people suffered when using wireless ear buds.

Whenever you pull out air pods from the box they will turn on and connect to your phone, watch, iPad or Mac. Music auto plays when you insert them in your ear, you can adjust volume, make a call, change the song just double tap to activate Siri.

Air pods have many kinds of sensors like:

  • These contain an infrared sensor that can detect when the user can use it or not, it stops music automatically when they are taken out.
  • Motion Sensor, Siri can be activated by just double tap sides for voice commands.
  • Their recharging case can extend up to 24 hours before a plug socket is required.

It will cost £159, and can pair with the phone more quickly than Bluetooth sets.

Home Button:

Apple has added a new feature in IPhone 7 a vibration based feedback, whenever user touch the home button it will vibrate to give a response.

Upgraded Camera:apple-iphone7-800x625

The new IPhone has a dual-lens camera that added huge quality while zooming the picture, also able to live editing video files with wide color capture. Apple doubled the LED two led warm and two for cool for better flash, and upgrade front camera from 5MP to 7MP for FaceTime and selfies.

Other Features:5369-f1df0ffc975fbea6d469b26b7c8279c8

IPhone 7 and 7s is water resistance that is you can wet the phone without any worry.

Apple has introduced a new version of its watch that is water resistant to 50m meaning you can swim while wearing it. It also introduced GPS location tracker, running routes can be tracked without carrying pairing smartphone. It also shows brighter screen.

IPhone 7 battery lasts more two hours than IPhone 6s. The battery on wifi lasts 14 hours and 12 hours on 4G. This model will power by new Apple A10 fusion having 64-bit 4 cores CPU that means 40 percent faster than A9 of IPhone 6s.

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