Arrests and injuries as Hamburg gripped by mass anti-G20 protests

Arrests and injuries as Hamburg gripped by mass anti-G20 protests

A fire burned across Hamburg for a second day and pictures of protestors clashing with police is becoming the front page of news around the world.

The crashes among the protestor and police were continuing to the second day as police officer added that 196 officers had been injured in the clashing scene and many protestors are inside the scene and dozens of protestors are also injured during the clash.

But what are they protesting about?

The protestors added that ‘America was not only the leader to control the bill towards every single social justice in the world and the new US president’s attitude towards climate change produce anger in the public and they gathered in Hamburg.

The protest is getting worse than before as many of them torched cars and looted retail stores on Friday and lit off firecrackers and many of them protesting for capitalism, climate policies and globalization among other issues.

The Hamburg police are really working hard to control the protestors as they used the water cannon and tear gas towards the angry crowd of thousands.Arrests and injuries as Hamburg gripped by mass anti-G20 protests

The rising tensions between the police and protestors increased on Thursday night when the masked wearing protesters smashed shop windows in Altona district on Friday morning.

The masked wearing groups also fired nearly 20 cars and pelted rocks at different windows including banks and smaller shops.

The top 20 leaders from the world are working collaboratively to discuss the issue towards the G20 protests and the final meeting towards the talk of protest occurred today.

The G20 was the group of 19 both developed and undeveloped countries including EU where the people from all over the world today refugees, wars and so on and the leaders are sitting together to discuss the matter of G20 and are having a chat.

The protestors told that many countries in the world are working towards the nuclear power and the leaders from the nuclear region are sitting and having a good time – this is the actual reason we are protesting.

Peaceful protests:Arrests and injuries as Hamburg gripped by mass anti-G20 protests

The protests pictures show that people from all around the world are not peace as they are wearing mask where 100,000 protestors are gathered in Hamburg for G20 and all but a very few are peaceful. The range of events occurred in last two days as they were arranged by the NGOs, political parties, and others.

The Germany police forces were also sent to the area to help already deployed 15,000 police officers where the Hamburg police added nearly 70 protestors arrested by the forces and the campaign ‘Welcome to Hell’ was ended up with in hospital with three are seriously injured and one is in critical condition.

The German chancellor added that ‘I have felt with the people of the area and working to resolve the issues but these protests put human lives in danger’.

The protestors were also gathered to the venue where the Trump meet the Putin in meeting and police deployed water cannon to control the protestors.

The protestors are cleared and want a peaceful country where they have positive rights towards economic and social issues and ecological lines.

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