Art History A-Level Saved After High Profile Campaign

Art History A-Level Saved After High Profile Campaign

The government has added that art history is saved following the high profile campaign and has now welcomed the creative industry – just a week after in October it was announced that the art history A level has been dropped.

The school ministers have confirmed that the imaginative and inspiring industry has been saved for the students and now the new exam and course has been designed and start teaching from the next September. The October decision was made angry the experts and added society never accepted the decision as the creativity is a love of the people.

Ms. Sarah Phillips said on the new decision that it was amazing and has developed the new syllabus with AQA and she said we need to tell the students this message as early as possible.

The leading figures from the art world including the biggest names said that we are glad to hear the new decision about saving the art industry as art history are the guides to the poetic in us and we can’t imagine the study without education – the art is the subject of politics, identity and makes perfect sense to keep the exam – it may consider a good day for the art level.

A written statement from the Gibb has passed that we believe art history has values of high-quality choices and we always provide these subjects to A-level students – the Pearson has confirmed the subject for the students and urged to develop new statistics and starting from September 2017.

The decision of dropping the subject is passed in early October and after that many institutes including an institution of Art Historians, University of York, and leading figures start a campaign against the decision and now the art history has been saved and they added that it was a huge relief.maya-errazuriz-10-1280x859

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Ms. Philips said that the subject was not only to study the work of dead white men but also provide an opportunity to study architecture and work by men and women – AQA was the last board to offer the subject to the students but if the decision was not rejected then there is a vital loss for students.

The AQA added that the dropping of a subject is not the reason of money but the fact is that it feared new qualification was so wide-ranging that we are impossible for accurate marking.

The Pearson added that government, schools, and organizations should work together to secure the subject – the interest and response from young generation show that students have a real passion for the art and we are happy to make sure the subject remain available.

Most of the art leading figures added their positive comments on Pearson new decision of saving art history – Ms. Parker added that she studied art history as a working class girl and has enjoyed dinner and it highly enriched my life.

The study of subject art history is the study of humanity – it is taught in a distinctive way and it was my favorite subject added by Jeremy – and we are thankful for saving the art history.

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