Follow the river Cauvery in Karnataka

Cauvery or Kaveri, also known as the ‘The Ganges of the South’ is the longest river in Southern India that crosses three states and one Union Territory. The nature tourism enthusiasts highly revere Cauvery due to its vast journey from Kodagu district of Karnataka and end-point in the Bay of Bengal near Poompuhar in Tamil Nadu. Along the course of its 760 km long journey, Cauvery creates some magnificent natural

Smuggling US Tech to China

A Plano specialist conceded Thursday in government court to pirating radiation-secured microchips utilized as a part of space investigation to China and Russia. Subside A. Zuccarelli, 62, was charged in June by the U.S. lawyer with connivance to carry merchandise out of the U.S. what’s more, to damage the International Emergency Economic Powers Act. Zuccarelli’s eyeglass focal point covering organizations were buried in monetary inconveniences when prosecutors say he attempted

Are you spending too much on your social life?

  How much do you spend on your social life? It may be much more than you think. While we’re having fun and enjoying great company, it’s only too easy to swipe our cards and forget about the cost. But having an active social life can be a significant monthly expense which can bust your budget time and time again. From transportation and bar tabs, to ticket prices, activity costs,

The Process of Deciding Who to Hire

Your job search can be impacted by many factors. Naturally, not all of these are in your control. For example, employers make many decisions about their potential hires before they officially present an open position. You can increase your hire-ability by learning more about those factors that employers use when deciding who to hire. Establish the Candidate Ideal Of course, this begins with deciding what an ideal candidate will look

Tail Coverage under Medical Insurance

The rules and regulations about statute of limitations, which limit the time someone can file a lawsuit, varies state to state. In the case of someone bringing the lawsuit after a policy has ended what happens then? This is where the term ‘tail coverage’ comes to the front line. How it works will be explained below. Claims-Made Policy There must be an understanding of what a standard claims-made policy covers


There is not much argument that those who work in the construction industry are at the most daily risk of injury or death as virtually any other industry worker. When you consider how many different ways a construction worker could sustain injuries on the job, the mind boggles that any worker can get through an entire shift, or a week of shifts, without enduring some incident. From debris and building

How To Decorate Your Children’s Room With Wall Stickers

Wall decals are a good idea to decorate the kid’s room as it provides you fun – you must need to provide your kids a place where they can enjoy and play and having wall decals is one of them. Adding a character or scene to change the kid’s mind is a better approach for decorating the kid’s room. It is not amazed to anyone as kids spend their enough

The Best Online Credit Card Payment Processing Services with the Lowest Rates

When you decide that it is time to add credit card payment options to your business, you are presented with a rare opportunity to do your research and make all of the right decisions the first time around. Instead of signing with a service that charges incredibly high processing rates, for example, you know that you should be looking for the lowest rates possible. And instead of looking for expensive

How to Remove Every Festive Season Stain in Your Home?

Throughout the festive periods your home can experience all kinds of busy scenarios, from family gatherings to New Year’s parties, and there’s no hiding from the fact that some accidents are quite likely to happen. From red wine spillages to turkey grease on the carpet, it’s not always possible to prepare your home completely for the festive season ahead. Here are a handful of accidents that could occur, and how

Famous movie and TV appearances by Oliver Peoples

There really is no mistaking the Oliver Peoples trademark look. They help to create the understated intellectual look-and they do it very well. Oliver Peoples sunglasses and glasses compliment the ordinary so well, that sometimes the brand’s public appearances slip under the radar when it comes to film and TV. Everyone has spotted a pair of Ray Bans on the face of a film star, but where do Oliver Peoples