Benefits And Side Effects Of Chat Apps On Teenagers

Benefits And Side Effects Of Chat Apps On Teenagers

The world loves to text and chat via mobile phone and technology made it quite easier whether in form of text or video or some kind of audio.

Today the trend of a world has changed; new generation mostly uses social apps or chat apps for talking to their love ones and friends. Chat apps provide you facility to share your emotions in form of pictures, your new discovery images or make videos of your research and share to your friend.

The most popular chat apps are WhatsApp, snap chat, Facebook messenger or viber, all these apps work for transferring your message to someone else.

Every country has different app choices and people have different choices. In china people mostly used WeChat, in japan Line app is most popular and a hike is a most popular app in India.

Benefits of Chat Apps:

Instant messengers has become new way of communication, and you also have facility to whether your message has sent or consumer has read or not. Chat apps brought the world closer; they have connected to your long mate colleagues and friends.

Now you don’t need to go to your friend home and tell him your discovery, the only thing you have to do is make a video and share to your friend via a source of the app.


But these chat apps are awesome as described below:

Snapchat: the most popular app in the world among teenagers as you shared your feelings and emotions by sending your pic instead of text and that’s a lovely thing.

Whatsapp: the second most popular app and now sold to Facebook; through this app one can contact and share their messages over Wifi without any need of sim card.

Line: the popular app used in Japan to transfer their messages and voice calls among different kind of people.


Disadvantages of Chat Apps:

Although these chat apps take away charm of talking face to face, meeting your friends and some laziness also. All these chat apps change the trend of the world but the fact is that through these apps one can become lazy and that is not good for its health. Yes according to research, youngsters loving these apps but becoming lazy and slow in their work, these apps provide them all facilities by just sitting on a sofa but this is not good for their health as the human body needs to move time to time.


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