Bikes Exceeds Than Cars In Copenhagen For First Time To Reduce Pollution

Bikes Exceeds Than Cars In Copenhagen For First Time To Reduce Pollution

The bike cycling is becoming popular in the world as it is the only solution against the pollution deaths and Denmark is at the top ranking towards the increment of cycles instead of cars in the region.

The latest ranking showed that cycles are increased in the heart of a city, in last year the record shows that nearly 35,080 bikes have joined in the daily routine and almost 265,700 compared with 252,600 cars. Copenhagen the popular city has a problem of manual traffic since 1970 when there were 351 thousand cars and 100 bikes and then city introduced the electric bike cycles that have 20 monitoring sensors across the traffic in the city.

The level of cycling may increase slowly in the different regions of the world but in Copenhagen, there is a record of more bikes than cars in its city center. The figure shows that this is the first time for the country when there are more bikes than cars on to the road since the counting starting from the year 1970.3

Copenhagen has shown its efforts towards the cycling city as it increased by the ratio of 68% in last twenty years and this all happened due to strong politics and have an interest in cycling to reduce the death rates due to pollution. The bicycling traffic is increasing in the city by 15 percent whereas the car ratio falls in the past – it is due to people feel comfortable to get around town in the city with bicycle and it is one of the fastest approaches for the population.

The actual reason of increment in bicycling in the city is a noteworthy investment in cycling as the locals put towards development of the city cycling infrastructure and are investing in constructing the bridges for cycling between 2006 and 2019 that give cyclists easy access to competing with cars.

The organization of the city wants to widen the area of city for cyclists and they invited the citizen to share their views about cycle lanes and identify areas for missing lanes and in just twelve days more than ten thousand people shared their thinking such as signal time, major routes and marked the areas that are too narrow for lanes. The data will be used to enhance the infrastructure for 2017 – 2025.2

Different Regions: Although, many other cities dream their region just as Copenhagen, as many marked as their areas are narrow or any other excuse but the Copenhagen replied you have to build a safe track for the people so that people will start riding the bicycle.

In London, a gap is coming between bicycle and cars as the figure shows that bike rose from 14 thousand to 36 thousand at morning rush hours but they need more work. The Dutch figure also shows that people are moving towards cycles instead of cars.

The main fact is that all countries are not going in the same direction as in Beijing the ratio falls from 60 percent to 17 percent of a bike but Copenhagen is still working for the progress.

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