Bodybuilder breaks his neck and dies while doing back-flip

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Bodybuilder breaks his neck and dies while doing back-flip

Do you love to perform the backflip on the stage to represent your body and personality?

If yes, then you must need to read this article. A body builder from South Africa came to the stage and in front of the crowd to show them with his style and tried to attempt the backflip but he loses his neck.

Can’t imagine the situation? This is true; the video above will represent the actual scene of the bodybuilder. The person namely ‘Sifiso Lungelo Thabete’ broke his neck when his head contact with the earth during backflip and it went all wrong.

Bodybuilder dies after this attempt:

  • The young bodybuilder dies after the scene of the backflip as you can view the whole scene in the video and staff members of the competition will run towards the builder when he assumed to remain motionless on the mat.
  • The person was 25-years old and seen entering into the crowd and runs to a gym mat to show his skills to the crowd. According to the body building, Sifiso had a signature back flip and he loves to perform this skill in front of the crowd.
  • The organization added that ‘this time he was wearing the socks to perform the backflip and he slipped and remains unable to get enough moment to maintain his balance in front of the crowd and he was landed horribly on his head.
  • The bodybuilding community was sad to the incident of South Africa man as he was tripped for the big future event and former IFBB Junior World Champion in the up to 75 kg category.

He impressed the audience and people with his body maintenance and muscle size at the young age and this is the reason he becomes popular in the world.

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