Brain Jacking Is New Danger For Society

Brain Jacking Is New Danger For Society

Brain Jacking: popular terms for the brain that one species of organisms hijacking by another i.e. to control possession of someone by force.

How far can science develop brain-machine technology?

A Ph.D. student of oxford warned us of future that sound science fiction film, that hackers would be able to control our feelings and thoughts. Today technology made a direct link between brain and computer, brain-machine is able to learn human culpability and limit of human enhancement.

Laurie has written how hackers with a brilliant mind will able brain jacking of a patient. He warns that these are implants available that could be at risk. He said: The most common type of brain implant is DBS. It contains electrodes at deep inside connected to wires under the skin which carry signals from the stimulator.

He warns the control of brain depends on the stimulator, and it is an opportunity for attackers. The attack may be like altering the stimulation setting of a patient, who suffers from chronic pain or attacker can even change the behavior of patient by stimulating parts of the brain.

As today technology is able to control brain signals like to control an arm, within days further development of brain machine is able to control the whole stimulator of a brain.

Well, these attacks are difficult to achieve as they need a high level of technology and knowledge and ability to monitor the patient and all these things can only be done by professional.

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