British Airways Cabin Crew & Baggage Handlers Announce Strike On Christmas

British Airways Cabin Crew & Baggage Handlers Announce Strike On Christmas

British Airways facing a lot of problems as more than 2,000 cabin crew go on the strike over Christmas days in a row over pay and conditions.

The British Airways – the cabin crew, bag handlers, the cargo workers or the check-in staff and other members will go on the strike on the busiest days – a festive season on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. The people who traveled on the day 23rd December and on will face massive problems as the crew announced the strike over the low pay.

The members of the Unite said that they were on the low pay than the other staff of the airport and the members of Unite that are employed by the Swiss port, Stansted, Luton, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds-Bradford, Manchester, Belfast and Edinburgh announced the strike of 48 hours on the day of 23rd December as well as on 24th December.

The strike of the members also affects the British Airways as the cabin crew was the members of the Unite and they will also on the strike on Christmas and Boxing Day. On the same day, pilots at Virgin Atlantic also announced the protest over and walk out.secnd

Strike Announcements:

The airline added that we are extremely disappointed from the Unite members that are employed by the Swiss port i.e. the world largest cargo but the United representative said that we know that this time was the busiest time of the world i.e. Christmas day that is the reason we calling the company and airlines to talk with us as we are open to talking with them 24/7.

Airlines yet not displayed or any changed within flights while the insider of the industry warned the passengers about their luggage to pack their valuables within handbags for the guaranteed delivery towards the next station and to pack Christmas presents – the British airlines also added that we didn’t know how this strike will affect the passengers.

The strike of the members for the pay rise appears at the target time as the people travel with more lug gages then their normal routine – the crew members also announced the strike late at night and rejected the increment of 2% in their pay offered on Wednesday.

Heartless Action:

The union also said that the advertisement for the contract crew was for the £21,000 to £25,000 but in the reality, we are receiving the amount of £12,000 with £3 for an hour fly. The airlines said that we have proposed a new salary pattern for the staff that is accepted by the other staff members of the airports – the Unite is disturbing the pleasant time for the families when they want to gather together or set the holidays, this action is completely disturbing.

Virgin Atlantic action:

The airlines added that we are not expecting the delay of the flights for the customers and not expecting the strike from the pilots and want to reassure the customers that flights are operating normally.

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