Can Air Pollution Lead to Brain Damage?

Can Air Pollution Lead to Brain Damage?

Research shows that people who live in high pollution areas have long-term health effects. Air pollution and traffic is leading to the death of more than three million people a year.

Living in these areas from childhood can lead to mental damage and brain diseases. In the big cities, the air you are breathing is smelled dull and polluted, that takes a toll on your health. Most people can feel their brain working well when they are breathing in clear oxygen.

Living in a polluted area not only increases the damage of lungs but also increase the damage of the brain. After several years of living in the polluted area, air can damage brain cells which result in cognitive decline, foggy thinking and many more components of the brain working.

The main impacts of polluted Air on brain:

  • Sometimes Air pollution particles have heavy metal neurotoxins attached to them, which directly hit the neuron of the brain, and as a result, they are seen in people in form of pre-Alzheimers and pre-dementia state. Research shows that air pollution is disturbing more than 100 percent people in form of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Results of modern researchers are shocking, children were mostly harmed by pollution, in one polluted city where they able to test the children found amyloid-beta plaques in their brain also other problems including damaged vasculature and leaky blood-brain barriers.china_pollution_air_ah_60767
  • Studies have also confirmed the loss of memory is also results from pollution; the pollution contributes various reactive oxygen species that wreak havoc on your brain.
  • It has a bad impact on pregnant women; it affects mental and physical development in children.

The main pollutants of Air:

  • Sulphur Dioxide: it is produced from the burning of fossils and mostly power stations and can affect the people eye, nose, and throat.
  • Nitrogen Dioxide: found close to road traffic and indoor gas cookers, can give people a cough and make them feel short of breath.
  • Ozone: comes in a chemical reaction between industrial pollution and traffic in strong sunlight, it can lead frequent asthma attacks and make people to death.

What can we do?

Make Your Home Eco Friendly 1

  • Firstly check the air quality of your outdoor and indoor environment, many people use spray and other fresheners that are laden with chemicals, these chemicals are also harmful to brain, so get test your air quality and then do precautions according to the laboratory test.
  • The presence of indoor plants is helpful for the environment, plants are known to promote cleaner air and reduce exposure, and therefore it is beneficial for your health to maximize the indoor plants at your home.
  • If you have a yard then grow some plants and trees, as human release carbon dioxide and demands oxygen; tree absorbs carbon dioxide and provide you supply of oxygen. If you don’t have a yard then try to spend some time in nature this is helpful for your health. This will help you minimize inhalation of ultrafine particulate matter that exists at your urban residence.
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