Charge Your Electric Car With Street Lamps In London

Do you have an electric car and forgot to charge them? Don’t worry the new technology is introduced for drivers to charge their cars through street lamps. This shows that you never neglect the power of technology. German company Ubitricity has developed such project to install at different street lamps. There is a socket available for drivers to charge their cars and a simple process to charge. The owners of

Volkswagen staff changed diesel engine software to meet the standards

A Volkswagen engineer has implored guilty for involving in diesel engine scandals. The engineer James Liang entered in court on Friday is cooperating with the investigation, Liang lawyer said many of VW engineers are involved in this case. He is the first person to be charged as part of US Justice Department’s year-long criminal probe. James Liang VW engineer was proved to be guilty of a violation of clean air