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Beaches are the great places to spend holidays and enjoy sun bath but the appearance of a shark at beachside terrified the people! The video of shark attack went viral on the internet as the shark was appeared just a feet away from the public and attack the seal in the day light. This terrifying video closes several beaches: The authorities want to provide safety to the people and block

Headless Body Found In Danish Waters Is Missing Swedish Journalist

The headless torso was found at Copenhagen waterside while Danish police confirmed that body was identified as Swedish journalist Kim Wall. The Danish police claim that torso’s DNA was matched with the Swedish Journalist Kim Wall. The police denied providing more information about the body until the brief press conference occurred. The statement was passed by the Copenhagen police early on Wednesday and brief press conference will hold at 0700

Kabul concert goes ahead despite threats

Afghanistan is the country known for suicide attacks and terrorism but few years the government is working hard to stop these fights. The threats and attacks were high in the region but there occurs Afghan pop concert that shock the terrorist. Hundreds of young generation including men and women attended the Afghan pop star Aryana Sayeed concert. This concert was highly threatened for an attack and opposition from the conservatives

Spain Attacks: All You Need To Know About

There was terror everywhere in the state of Spain as two attacks were occurred in the country to crush the people under the vehicle. The details of both depressed attacks were given following and updating the happenings in the Spain and a gas leak home that is connected to Barcelona’s attack. The fact is that two main attacks happened with the help of vehicle running at high speed in crowds.

Woman found diamond ring wrapped around carrot, lost 13 years earlier

Miracles happened in the life and often amaze the people and the same miracle happened with the Canadian women, Mary Grams. Mary Grams was now 84 years old, she lost her diamond ring while she was working in the family garden 13 years ago i.e. 2004 but now she had found the same ring in the carrot. Don’t you believe that? This is the reality of life, Mary lost that

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Bodybuilder breaks his neck and dies while doing back-flip Do you love to perform the backflip on the stage to represent your body and personality? If yes, then you must need to read this article. A body builder from South Africa came to the stage and in front of the crowd to show them with his style and tried to attempt the backflip but he loses his neck. Can’t imagine

Cycflix, Cross-trainer, Let You Make Sweat To Watch Netflix

Are you on a treadmill of weight loss? But watching your favorite shows on Netflix will ruin your fitness routine then you don’t need to worry Cycflix is introduced for you. You are watching your favorite shows on the comfortable sofas that remain okay for the comfort level but doesn’t lose your weight and this time Cycflix will turn the people on a treadmill of weight loss. Cycflix – project

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Eating different special things of different regions is the passion of many people but you ever eat the roasted gator? Many places in the world available and alligator is one of the popular dishes and people will eat the barbeque of alligator meat and eat different dishes related to alligator meat. But do you have any experience of watching the kitchen and watch the machine that roast the gator? If

NASA plans to launch Balloons to live stream Solar Eclipse

Everyone wants to learn the mechanism of earth and the life except than Earth and NASA is working pretty hard to find out the truth. This time NASA is working with the collaboration of the student team across the U.S and sending the balloons to learn the life beyond Earth. NASA announces Eclipse’ Balloon project: This is the first time that total solar eclipse will occur in the United States

China Claims To Launch ‘UNHACKABLE’ Messaging Service

The technology is growing rapidly and helps the people to enhance the lifestyle but it also increases the risk of hacking and cyber-attacks but China had made something different. China had introduced the latest app for communication purposes just like the other app run on the mobile phone but these messages never hacked by the third party. China remains popular in the world for advanced technology and its products considered