The Process of Deciding Who to Hire

Your job search can be impacted by many factors. Naturally, not all of these are in your control. For example, employers make many decisions about their potential hires before they officially present an open position. You can increase your hire-ability by learning more about those factors that employers use when deciding who to hire. Establish the Candidate Ideal Of course, this begins with deciding what an ideal candidate will look

Everything you need to know about cyberbullying answered by child psychologist

Parents are often worried about their kids on a matter of cyber bullying and didn’t find the start towards talking on the serious issue with the kids as it is the form of cyber harassment using electronic forms of contact and common among teenagers. The technology is growing rapidly and the use of electronic devices in daily life increases the cases of cyber bullying as they threats the children to

Ethiopia Cuts Off Internet Connection To Stop High School Exam Leaks

A stunning commitment has been announced from the government officials of Ethiopia to fair play and leveling the educational playing field to shut down the internet access during exam days. The state officials announced that the internet connection was cut off during the exam weeks as they not only cut the connection from school but the whole country suffered the same as they want to make the exams fair and

Bristol University Offers Lower Entry Grades For Disadvantaged Teenager

The Leading and top university ‘Bristol’ is offering the places for disadvantaged students with lower grades. The university announced that the courses that require the top grades at the A-level for the students to take admission in the university is changed and will offer to the students belonging from the local schools with low grades as C. The university announced the new criteria to boost diversity among the students and

Art History A-Level Saved After High Profile Campaign

The government has added that art history is saved following the high profile campaign and has now welcomed the creative industry – just a week after in October it was announced that the art history A level has been dropped. The school ministers have confirmed that the imaginative and inspiring industry has been saved for the students and now the new exam and course has been designed and start teaching

UK Universities Launches Course On Philosophy Of Homer Simpson – As Simpson Predicted World Events

The Simpsons were predicting a number of events in the world and also predicts the president Donald Trump as election – the British university is offering a philosophy of Homer Simpsons as a subject. The university is offering the course on cartoon ‘Simpson’ for philosophy – students can enroll in the course to wise words of Springfield’s seminal character. The idea is come to introduce the course due to its

Children’s future is at risk due to shortage of nursery teachers

More than quarter million children are at risk due to a shortage of qualified nursery teachers in private and voluntary nurseries – according to charity. The charity ‘save the children’ warns that kid’s development is at risk when they reached the school due to a chronic shortage of qualified teachers – staying behind throughout the life. All nurseries have teachers who are trained for child care but they don’t have

EU student’s applications in UK universities down by 9%

The number of EU students applying for UK universities is decreasing rapidly – new figures shows it. Data says that there has been 9 percent fall in EU students applying for medicine, veterinary science to early October deadline – the figure is revealed by UCAS the admission services – government guarantee on EU student funding came on 11 October. The previous data and new figures revealed that EU students applied

More than 2000 schools were built by 2020 in England

England needs schools more than 2000 to meet the new pupils by the year 2020 and it starts working for the development of thousands of extra schools. More than 2000 new schools were built in next four years to deal with growing population of pupils. According to scape, the government estimates 24,287 new classrooms will be built in next four years to meet building challenge in England. The projections are

Dissertation Writing Problems – The only fail safe trick to Complete Your Dissertation!

As mentioned by many expert journalists, professors  nand seasoned dissertation writers, there is a no fail, one word and guaranteed trick to complete your dissertation. And that is “write”. Indeed that is it, I don’t like to give bad news, but there isn’t any magical shortcut to produce an essay, no matter few 100 or many 1000s words, academic or any other. The only way is to focus on act