This Is Your Brain on Warm Weather

The summer is a most pleasant season in a year where one plans for holidays and enjoy the moments with friends and family where the sunshine has different noticeable changes towards the attitude of the person. The weather changes brought many changes to the person mind as many of us want to enjoy the life in winter and similarly many of them like the summer weather. But the experts added

Ariana Grande Visits Injured Young Fans Who Were Badly Hurt At Her Manchester Concert

American singer Ariana Grande had a surprise visit to the hospital and meets the young fan badly injured in the Manchester terror attack at her concert. The pop star was popular among the children and horrific terror attack occurred at her Manchester concert last month and a number of people died and injured in the attack where the pop star made her surprise visit at a hospital to meet young

Lady Gaga Wows Audience At Super Bowl Halftime Show Avoid Politics

Lady Gaga rocked the Super Bowl halftime and spread the message of unity during a patriotic performance on Sunday (5 February) and entertain the crowd with her top hits melody. The pop singer spread the positive message among the people as she was the opponent of US president and provides the audience with the message of peace and added that ‘America, we are here to make you feel good’  without

Mary tyler moore dies

Mary Tyler Moore died on Wednesday in the company of her friends and husband and popular for her work on ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’ and also nominated for the best actresses Oscar for her amazing work in her film in 1980. The Emmy award winning actress died in hospital in the company of family members and her representative added that television icon passed away at 80, she was the

Some Gifts for Your Sister – Your Best Friend Forever!!

Sisters are the soul friend that is a gift from our parents. She is the best friend derived from childhood and remains same forever for us. The love and friendship we share with her is no less than a gift. You may share a lot of similarities with her or differ in various ways with her. But in all the ways, you just cannot miss out her name in the

Sony twitter account hack

The celebrity Britney Spears was dead – a shocking news was posted by the Sony Music Twitter account in the result of hack Sony Music’s account. The Sony was one of the most popular firms for the music also – its twitter official account was hacked on Monday and displaying the fake news of the popular pop music icon i.e. “#RIP@Britneyspears” the news that displayed Britney Spears dead on Monday.

Christmas Games Your Whole Family Will Love

The fun is on during the holidays especially if it is the time for the Christmas and the games at these moments is favorite way for the families to spend their precious time together – whether it is Christmas party or family event the games are the way for strong bonding of the families and we are telling you some awesome collection of the party games that you merge the

Searching For a Christmas Party Venue in Houston?

There is just a month to go for Christmas, the grandest festival! We all look forward to this time of the year and plan a lot so that we can celebrate this time of the year in style. If you are thinking of throwing a Christmas party for your friends and family, or for the employees who work in your company, then there are a lot of things which should

Famous movie and TV appearances by Oliver Peoples

There really is no mistaking the Oliver Peoples trademark look. They help to create the understated intellectual look-and they do it very well. Oliver Peoples sunglasses and glasses compliment the ordinary so well, that sometimes the brand’s public appearances slip under the radar when it comes to film and TV. Everyone has spotted a pair of Ray Bans on the face of a film star, but where do Oliver Peoples

The Magnificent Seven: Film Review

This movie is a remake of a remake movie. Actually, it is a restructure film of the 1960-film of the similar name, which consecutively was a remake of the 1954 Japanese film Seven Samurai. Gratefully, like the preceding films, this one is significance it too. Antoine Fuqua has directed it which is best recognized for directing Training Day and Shooter and Nic Pizzolato has written it  who is a highly praised writer of HBO series True