The Truth Behind Eating Snacks At Midnight

Are you the one loves to eat snacks late night? Almost, everyone hears that eating late night is unhealthy for the person but why eating at one time of day is better and the other time is worse for the body? This is actually a myth from childhood but research shows that this is the reality of life as eating late night will lead your body towards different health problems.

Experts’ warn people to their showering mistakes

Showering daily is the perfect habit of people to get ready for the daily challenges and work to find their success but nobody realizes their daily activities like bathing or brushing their teeth whether they are doing wrong or right? Here are some details and experts recommendation towards your habit of daily showering to remain safe from any harmful reaction: Wash your hair regularly: The common misconception among the people

Skin Gritting Is Blackhead Removal Like You've Never Seen Before

Do you have blackheads on the skin and wants to remove them? Skin gritting is the new methodology and becomes the trend of the modern world for removal of blackhead from the body. The fact is that beautiful skin of the body requires commitment and care instead of a miracle. What is Skin Gritting? The Skin Gritting is the new method introduced recently and brought from Reddit Skincare addiction thread

Beyond Biomag 3D App

It’s been a week since we launched Beyond Biomag 3D reference app for biomagnetism practitioners and clients to locate the Anatomical Biomagnetism pairs in the human body using 3D male and female models. With the help of this app, users can self-heal his/her health concerns using a pair of magnets of medium intensity. It assists users to understand various scan points and their corresponding pairs in the body, where the

Skin cancer can now reduce with THIS drug that creates ‘real sun tan’

The new drug has been introduced that secure your skin from UV rays of the sun while you are taking a sunbath and secure your body from getting skin cancer. The technology is growing rapidly as we are living in the modern era where the latest equipment and drugs are available to diagnose the person health and help to reduce the risk of danger. Similarly, the skin cancer is spreading

Dogs Can Sniff Out Health Problems In Humans

Imagine that you are not giving a urine sample or blood sample for health test but consulting a dog to smell either you have a health problem or not? It is a funny concept as dogs are popular for their sense of smell in the world and believe them to possess a ‘sixth sense’. We have long believed that dogs have stronger senses as dogs sense of smell is one

Know All About Hair Loss and Hair Replacement System

Hair loss, a problem that we have grown up hearing about, from our parents, grandparents, has taken over the appearance and personality of the people since God knows when. It is a problem that has existed since the beginning of time perhaps, but the main issue with it is the different patterns of hair loss that have been recorded over the passage of years. Depending on the age, a condition

More than 20million Britons physically inactive increasing risk of heart attack

The world population is at risk as more than 20 million Britain are lazy and so the risk of early death is increased according to a study. The study revealed the reason for an increment of the death and enhancement of heart diseases is caused due to lack of physical activity among the people and such a large proportion cost £1.2bn to NHS every year. Reasons behind increment of deaths:

Parents Do Actually Live Longer Than Those Who Are Childless

The love between parent and children is always and forever – parents always love their children and want to look forward their future and the new research indicates that couples that have children will live longer as compared to those that are childless. The research shows that having children benefits for both mom and dad that reach at the age of 80 and over as compared to a couple that

Exercise Alone Isn’t Enough To Lose Weight

Exercise is important for the health of the body but it is not enough for preventing weight loss as diet matters a lot for than exercise for losing weight or maintaining a shape of a body. The new study examined thousands of people and provides a counter answer to an expectation of the people showing that exercise alone fails to prevent the weight loss but take necessary diet for losing