cricket world cup 2k19

Cricket World Cup 2K19 is the 12 edition of cricket World Cup, which is scheduled to be hosted by England and Wales from 30 May to 14 July 2019. This event is the third biggest sports event after the FIFA World  Cup and Summer Olympics. The first match of this 2K19 Cricket Tournament will be played at Kennington Oval and the last match will be played at the historic ground

Why is Germany knocked out of the world cup: Russia 2018?

Although it was a quite shocking moment in the history of the world cup that the defending champions Germany is knocked out of the world cup after losing a match with South Korea by 2-0.  It was a very poor performance by a four-time winner’s team. No one was expecting this type of performance by Germany. This was for the 2nd time that Germany could not qualify for the other

World cup Russia 2018:  Japan’s historic win against Columbia

June 19th Japan wins a historic match against Columbia.  It was a match that had plenty of talking points. A cleverly taken free kick, the 1st red card of the world cup 2018, and a remarkable win of the samurai’s against American. Japan beats the Columbia with 2-1 in the opening match. It was for the first time when an Asian teams defeat a South American team. Columbia played with

Lionel Messi Marries Childhood Sweetheart Antonella Roccuzzo In ‘Wedding of the century’

Lionel Messi married the childhood sweetheart in his hometown and the marriage was known as ‘wedding of the century’. The wedding ceremony for 30 years old Lionel Messi and 29 years old Antonella Roccuzzo was held at the luxury hotel in the city of Rosario. Many current and past football celebrities took part to enjoy the marriage ceremony of Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi including Xavi Hernandez, Carles Puyol, Serigo Aguero

Premier league in major crackdown on illegal streaming in the game

The premier leagues are taking serious steps to secure their investments before broadcasting the next season’s as they want to stop thousands of people from watching illegal streaming. A spokesperson for the premier league told about this information as they are working with the internet service provider ISP to try and stop the illegal streaming and to stop so-called Kodi boxes around the country to protect their investment as they

Choosing a used mountain bike

Mountain bike is designed for outdoor activities and has recently gained great popularity. Unlike regular and road bicycles, which have not changed in recent years, the mountain bike is constantly changing and its design is being improved by the manufacturers. The main difference between a mountain bike and others is wide wheels, 1.5 to 2 inches instead of the usual 20 to 40 mm (1 inch = 25.4 mm). The

Premier league in major crackdown on illegal streaming in the game

There is no denying the fact that the game of football is a very popular game in the United Kingdom. In almost every street and roadside you can find children of all ages playing the game of football. It is all about running around with the ball and trying to keep the football with you or what is known as possession. There is healthy competition among them. How football brought

The Basics of Australian Football Games

The following article was basically authored as a part of guidance book in 1973. That it was an make an effort to really fast track the footballing training of participants of the Queensland Government 2nd Schoolboys sports team going to be competitive in the Australian Nationwide Championships against the may of Victoria, West Land of Australia and Southern Australia. Each one gamer was handed a version of the book containing