oil rig drilling

Canada is recognized around the world as a leading mining nation. Our minerals sector, which includes exploration, mining and related support activities, primary processing, and downstream product manufacturing, is a mainstay of the economy that supports jobs and economic activity in every region of the country. The country is home to several huge mining companies, with major projects around the world. However, there are many other projects within Canada worth

Charge Your Electric Car With Street Lamps In London

Do you have an electric car and forgot to charge them? Don’t worry the new technology is introduced for drivers to charge their cars through street lamps. This shows that you never neglect the power of technology. German company Ubitricity has developed such project to install at different street lamps. There is a socket available for drivers to charge their cars and a simple process to charge. The owners of

Amazon Key

Amazon always wants to bring people together with the advancement of technology. People are relying on Amazon and latest advertisement of courier services is most demanded one. Amazon has plans to drop off packages directly into shopper’s home. Don’t you believe that? On Wednesday, the largest online retailer announces the Amazon Key system. This system comes along with a camera and a lock that users control remotely from anywhere. It

Benefits Of Using International WiFi

This current generation is considered technologically advanced with the numerous innovation projects that have been successful. Turning dreams into reality has actually become possible especially with the availability of the internet. How the internet continues to integrate itself into every aspect of human life is actually astonishing. The internet has provided connectivity for people across different geographical locations. Some people might wonder if you can still stay connected if you

Self-driving Lorries Is Tested On UK Roads Believe Future Of Transportation

The technology is growing rapidly and changing the lifestyle of the people. It changes many job routine of the people as artificial intelligence is covering people’s job these days. The technology is providing more efficient ways to perform the daily routine activities and driverless cars are contributing to the modern lifestyle. The government has announced that driverless Lorries are the part of British roads by the end of next year.

China Claims To Launch ‘UNHACKABLE’ Messaging Service

The technology is growing rapidly and helps the people to enhance the lifestyle but it also increases the risk of hacking and cyber-attacks but China had made something different. China had introduced the latest app for communication purposes just like the other app run on the mobile phone but these messages never hacked by the third party. China remains popular in the world for advanced technology and its products considered

Pokemon Go festival plagued by technical issues

Pokemon Go was the most viral mobile game in the world and fans are crazy towards the usage of a game and it had launched its first-year anniversary event at Chicago’s Grant Park. But the event becomes boring for the attendees due to technical issues as attendees are remained to get WIFI services to their mobiles at different sections of the park and they remain unable to catch anything during

Google challenges social media with launch of its customizable news feed

The tech giant is rolling out latest feature for its news feed and it is a direct challenge towards the social media giant Facebook and it uses machine learning for providing promising results. Have you ever use the limited version of feed provided by Google for Android users? Google provides the desiring results to the people towards their search as it uses the perfect algorithm for searching and similarly, it

Shared Vs Dedicated Hosting? Which Hosting Is Right For You?

When someone plans to start and launch their website, they will often be experienced with the issue of choosing a web hosting service. Finding the right hosting service can be daunting and difficult task, but very essential as well. Because a single mistake can destroy your site and your time and money as well. For making right decision, it is important to do search. Most of the people make decision