Statues in Colombo

Colombo is one of those places in Sri Lanka that lets you experience the true authenticity of the place. Irrespective of not being one of the highly anticipated tourist destinations around the world, visiting Colombo is much more like an experience that one can’t just miss out on. Majority of the tourists fall in love with its culture, cuisine and even the natural beauty that encapsulates the place. If you

Patagonia photo tour

Far, at the outskirts of the South American continent, the Patagonia plateau has some of the most rewarding locations for landscape and nature photographers. Both Argentina and Chile share this unique scenery where blue glaciers, mountain peaks, canyons, valleys, gelid lakes, and rivers terraform the landscape. The abundance of these locations makes Patagonia a popular destination among photographers from all over the world. Millions of years ago, this rough and

The West Coast – A Food and Culture Odyssey

A drive from Bangalore to Mangalore cuts across the heart of Karnataka and also offers travelers glimpses of the state’s many layers. The 350-km journey via the NH75 takes one through interesting stops like Hassan, gateway to the Hoysala temples of Belur, and Kunigal, a historic horse breeding center. Upon reaching Mangalore, the town can be the base for further excursions into the Western shores. Mangalore Enjoy driving around Mangalore

Follow the river Cauvery in Karnataka

Cauvery or Kaveri, also known as the ‘The Ganges of the South’ is the longest river in Southern India that crosses three states and one Union Territory. The nature tourism enthusiasts highly revere Cauvery due to its vast journey from Kodagu district of Karnataka and end-point in the Bay of Bengal near Poompuhar in Tamil Nadu. Along the course of its 760 km long journey, Cauvery creates some magnificent natural

Luxurious Van Rental Los Angeles

It is a good decision that you choose Los Angeles as the place where will be marry. This city has big impact for both of you and your fiancé. It is also a big reason that LA can be easily accessed by families and friends from both side. Only few guests invited but they are the most important people in your life and for that you want to give them

Santiago Ribeiro showcase his art at Times Square New York City

News Art & Travel in New York City, United States, 18-11-2017 – The continuity of the multimedia exhibition of Santiago Ribeiro in Times Square in New York in the international press. There are many international members of social communication that have made reference to the show of Santiago Ribeiro in the giants “screens” of New York. In addition to the large personal investment, some sponsorship comes from the Bissaya Barreto


Located in the western region of the United States of America, the state of Utah is famous for its beautiful landscapes, mountainous terrain, rugged desert and incredible canyons. If you have visited Utah before, then you know that it is truly one of the most unique and strikingly beautiful places on earth. Thousands of tourists every year rent one of the rentals in Utah and explore the incredible landscapes that

Shutting Off Personal Vent On Flight Increasing Chances Of Getting ILL

Everyone is looking for days to enjoy the holidays, especially with kids, friends and family members. It is the time of pleasant and provides lessen your stress! So, what is your plan for next holidays? Whatever place you are going you should remain careful during traveling. The plane journeys seem to be awesome but one should cautious while traveling in the plane as doctors warn the people. If you ever

Give a break to the normal life with motorcycle tours

Riding a bike or a motorcycle is a favorite one for many people. A number of persons around the world love to go for a long ride in their bike. For example, going for a long ride in the fresh and chilling air gives a nice feel to the rider. This feeling leads to the motorcycle tours. A motorcycle tour is a type of tour that is taken by the

Freaky stick-on foot pads promise to transform your summer holidays

Looking for the shoes that remain comfortable when you are at summer holidays? Thanks to Nakefit as design wonderful accessory for feet wear! I guarantee you have never thought of this kind of footwear that remains comfortable when you are at a beach when you are playing with your friends on a sand when you are at swimming pool but Nakefit has developed this footwear. The Italian company Nakefit has