Children’s future is at risk due to shortage of nursery teachers

Children’s future is at risk due to shortage of nursery teachers

More than quarter million children are at risk due to a shortage of qualified nursery teachers in private and voluntary nurseries – according to charity.

The charity ‘save the children’ warns that kid’s development is at risk when they reached the school due to a chronic shortage of qualified teachers – staying behind throughout the life.

All nurseries have teachers who are trained for child care but they don’t have qualified teachers among the staff – contact with highly quality staff for a child is crucial. The number of people applying for teaching roles has dropped 860 last year from 2300 the year before.

The experts tell that without specialist input – children left struggling like speaking full sentences and use of tenses and vice versa – as a result, they get dull when they reach school and they have to face these circumstances throughout the life according to charity.

The director of the charity save the children – Gareth said: children in England are in danger of falling behind when they reach the school by time but we know they don’t have to be – we have to work together as a country and recognize if we want to give every child the best chance for the future – no matter what is his background – they must need to develop, learn and grow in early years of life.

Nurseries play an important role in the life of children as he learns and grows his skills from his early hood – many nurseries are recruiting qualified teachers and affording them for the development of kid and we support this workforce.

The director also said: if the government is interested and taking serious this matter for the development of the children then we have to urgently invest for the qualified teachers for every area across the country to give every child the best potential after all they are the future of our country.

The report says that over half of students in independent nurseries don’t have qualified teachers whereas in North West, children with a ratio of 45% in independent nurseries don’t have qualified teachers and in South West, 50% of children are without qualified teachers.

The shortage is getting worse as applications for nursery teachers are down by 63% due to low payment – as many institutes’ needs qualified teachers with a low budget and thus applications are dropping.

Dr. Elizabeth said the early development of kid like four years child in nursery could make all difference to child’s future – as we know that early child’s brain is developing at quick rate and also language and communication skills – it also gives child the tools they need to build self-esteem and confidence and develop positive relationships with everyone around them.

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