China Claims To Launch ‘UNHACKABLE’ Messaging Service

China Claims To Launch ‘UNHACKABLE’ Messaging Service

The technology is growing rapidly and helps the people to enhance the lifestyle but it also increases the risk of hacking and cyber-attacks but China had made something different.

China had introduced the latest app for communication purposes just like the other app run on the mobile phone but these messages never hacked by the third party.

China remains popular in the world for advanced technology and its products considered too reliable and this time they are working for the government to provide a reliable source of communication.

China is working for ‘unhackable government’:

  • The fact is that the existing internet and cable networks are hacked by different cyber criminals but they introduced the quantum communication and if any third party wants to enter in the communication, it can detectable.
  • The Quantum technology department added that they introduced the technology earlier this month for the testing purposes and this time they are implementing this technology early in August for commercial use.
  • The company claims that they have tested this application over 200 individuals in government and military departments and found that this is the safest way for communication for intelligence departments.
  • The network uses the quantum technology for communication to transmit the messages between the people and different from the mechanism of internet or telephone lines.

Quantum communication works differently:China Claims To Launch ‘UNHACKABLE’ Messaging Service

  • Whenever the third party person wants to hack the send messages it will identify by the quantum technology and it will alter the message.
  • If the message is received by the third party then it can be altered in such a way that you remain unable to read or intercept the message.
  • The Quantum technology developers added that this is the fast and secure network communication for the military, government, intelligence departments and hope to spread like fire in the modern world and if technology succeeds then the whole world rely on this.
  • We are hearing the cyber-attacks on government officials from all around the world and especially to their words from different apps and the announcement of this technology made a hope in the world.

China leaves the world behind:

  • China remains popular in developing the technology to stop the cyber-attacks from the world as they have been working to develop the hack-proof computer since 2014.
  • They had already launched a satellite known as hack-proof satellite communication and this time they are working for the communication network to secure the governments.
  • The China added that modern app is able to encrypt 4000 pieces of data a second and £15 million cost comes to develop the technology.
  • The one problem is associated with this network as it requires a huge amount of money to build such a brilliant network to combat the cyber problems and it is the situation where technology can create its market in the world.

Let the world should wait for the confirmation of the quantum technology and claim made by the country in the world but we hope well.

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