Chinese media warned the Donald Trump over his pride

Chinese media warned the Donald Trump over his pride

The Chinese magazine has launched an attack on Donald Trump stating him as ‘Pride goes before a fall’ after the reality show has threatened the China.

The popular global time newspaper controlled by the Communist party has slammed the Donald Trump for his country policy towards the China and was non-negotiable. The US president remarked over one-China policy to row with Beijing as break way province unless Beijing agreed on a new deal with his administration.

The trump move came after a long talk of telephone conversation of 10-minute with Taiwan female president – the daily warned Beijing would have no reason to retract the policy that place since 1979, Taiwan as part of China.

The detailed article published in the newspaper stated warning towards Trump and added that pride goes before a fall – the US president is blackmailing the China even he doesn’t enter the White House – what are the reasons we accept an unfair and humiliating deal with trump?

A scholar talking to the same newspaper added that trump has no right to upset the peace of the world – he is also disturbing the Beijing-Washington relationship and he has to pay for his mistakes. The Chinese experts added that Trump must need to educate himself before the inauguration on 20th January.

The Weiss added that China will take some action against these comments that serve as a warning to US business community and it is not going well if Trump continues – the Weiss also added that we must wait for the reaction of trump and to talk about the policy again or to take actions.

The experts added that military weapons are enough in the Beijing that may respond – some fears are also in Taiwan that it could face economic or political retaliation.

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