Choosing a used mountain bike

Choosing a used mountain bike

Mountain bike is designed for outdoor activities and has recently gained great popularity. Unlike regular and road bicycles, which have not changed in recent years, the mountain bike is constantly changing and its design is being improved by the manufacturers.
The main difference between a mountain bike and others is wide wheels, 1.5 to 2 inches instead of the usual 20 to 40 mm (1 inch = 25.4 mm). The mountain bike frame has a special geometry, and the carriage is positioned so that it is convenient to travel over rough terrain. A large number of gears, from 21 to 27, with a fairly wide range of transmission ratios, makes it possible to ride at any elevation difference. There are special requirements to the mountain bikes because they must be reliable and meet all your expectations.
Since new bikes cost a fortune, many people resort to local classifieds to find a good used bike.

However, if you don’t want to be fooled by deceptive owners, you should know what things to pay attention to when buying a used bike.
First of all, let’s consider those basic requirements typical for both road bike and mountain ones.
Check the connecting rod, it should not play, and the carriage must be well curled. It shouldn’t have any rust on it as well.

The seat must be raised and lowered.
Raise the bicycle and spin the wheel – check whether the brakes work properly. Check the nipples and rims to make sure that there are not any rusty spots on them. Press slightly on the knitting needles, they do not have to creak.
To test the chain, use a squeeze and note how worn out the teeth of the sprockets are, especially the front ones. Remember that it is expensive to change the spare parts. Raise the rear wheel of the bicycle and twist the pedals, try to switch gears, they must switch without any difficulty.

It is harder to check the rear switch without a special tool, but you can see just whether the switch is smooth or not. Also, do not forget to see if there are any signs of an accident.

For a mountain bike, there are also additional secret checkpoints. After all, the mountain is more often the subject to various kinds of extreme rides than the road one.

In a mountain bike, you should check the plug. You can do it by pressing several times on the steering wheel, then see if there are oil spills.

It is worth checking the rear shock absorber as well. Pay attention to all moving parts and see if there is any rust.

After a thorough inspection of the bike, you should take the bike to an open area where you can test it in motion. Sitting on a bicycle, first, try to switch the gears. You should know that if the bike starts to squeak suspiciously, there may be a problem with the integrity of the frame.

Take a ride on a bike, but not just slowly a couple of laps, but sprint several times, accelerate and slow down, also ride upright, wagging the bike from side to side. However, you should be careful when selecting a used bike. Remember that you are testing an unfamiliar bicycle and you do not know what condition it is in; maybe you did not notice something while checking it, so be careful, because safety is above all.

It is highly advisable to look for a used bicycle on a trusted online resources. You can always search Kijiji to find bikes for sale at a great price.

If everything is all right in terms of size, look, reliability – congrats because you have found what you were looking for.

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