When starting out as a beginner or you start working with the Word Press, this question comes in everyone’s mind. You might be wondering about the difference between and Which one is better? Is it better to pick the Free, or is it better to go with the self-hosted version, whose software is aso available for free at In this article, I will explain the difference between and By the time I am done, you’ll have a better understanding of which version of Word Press best meets your needs. is the site where you will find the WordPress software, which is free to download. It currently powers 24% of the web, including WPMU DEV (of course!).

In this case, WordPress refers to the popular blogging app you can download and install while hosting with a WP-friendly provider. This is often called a self-hosted WordPress. but it is important to note that WordPress Hosting your own WordPress site is not free, though, you can choose one of many WordPress Hosting companies to house your site. You own the content on but not on the People take you more seriously when you are on rather than the is a fully hosted website that enables you to build and customize your own website for free. They provide the convenience of a WordPress environment all ready for you to use. It is all browser-based, so there are no downloads involved. They maintain the software so that you never have to touch code or worry about security or other such concerns. You just sign up for an account, choose a theme, then point and click or drag and drop to start creating online. may have started out as a blog hosting service provider, but over the years it has evolved into much more. While you still use to blog, the service is a great way to build any kind of website.

Even if you decide to use later on, you’ll need a account to use certain services and plugins like JetPack.


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