Christmas Games Your Whole Family Will Love

Christmas Games Your Whole Family Will Love

The fun is on during the holidays especially if it is the time for the Christmas and the games at these moments is favorite way for the families to spend their precious time together – whether it is Christmas party or family event the games are the way for strong bonding of the families and we are telling you some awesome collection of the party games that you merge the whole family and have fun at chilling night or alarming day.

  • Christmas tree Ball Sort Game:Christmas Family Games

A well-worth indoor activity and especially overwhelming for the kids – the game is designed for learning the color sense for the young ones and stays busy with their superb game and game designed at home easily with the help of a large piece of cardboard, a basket, and a yardstick to hold the tree. Another awesome idea to design the game is to shape it like a snowman for the complete look of the Christmas days.

  • Drawing Contest:Christmas Family Games

The game is totally for the laugh and makes everyone happy as you have to draw the snowman or nose or anything of your choice by putting the paper plates on your head and grab the marker on other hand and then draw the art – the playing is easy and reveals some artistic talent.

  • Guessing Santa’s Hat:Christmas Family Games

The game is awesome for the fun and testing the mind sharpness of the person – place the items including marbles, coins or anything under the Santa’s hat and guess the item by touching it via hand and write down its guess on the page.

  • Get three in a row:

The mind enhancing the game for the friends to check the ability as well as for the fun to spend plenty of the time due to the game requirement – the game is somehow similar to the tic-tac-toe but increased its plenty of fun with family.

  • Paint a picture:

The beauty of the game is that it is easy and add a group of people or compete individually with others in painting a picture on a wall or else by adding diluted fruit dye and make own snow paint – be sure to make the picture in time as the snow melts quickly, the game needs full attention.

  • Guess the person:Christmas Family Games

You have to guess the person name it could be a politician, or celebrity or someone – write a sticky note on a forehead of the person and don’t let him read and give him 10 chances for asking questions like am I alive? Am I male or female? And then guess the person.

  • Pin the red nose:

The game in which the eyes of the person is hiding with a piece of cloth and ask to add the nose of the snowman or any other item you wants to add on the pin board exactly at the right location as they are blindfolded.

  • Balance an ornament:Christmas Family Games

Make a contest of families to balance the ornaments on the scale or use a yard stick for the purpose – each player balance the ornaments from his hand.

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