WikiLeaks: CIA Hacking Tools Are Spying IOS, Android, TVs And Others

WikiLeaks: CIA Hacking Tools Are Spying IOS, Android, TVs And Others

The intelligence agency CIA is at risk as the tools as the tools and methodology of an agency are leaked – the documents are viral on the internet and the code-named vault 7 in which details are given.

WikiLeaks has released a bunch of documents stating the tools of the agency and shows that how the agency and intelligence use hacking tools to gather information on the IOS device, android phones, and even TVs.

The new leak i.e. Vault 7 has more than 8 thousand documents and files obtained the information of the intelligence CIA – the techniques that are revealed in the document are used by the agency to bypass encryption of Whatsapp and Confide.

What are details of Vault 7 and leaks?

The WikiLeaks added that the agency are using hacking tools and approaching the voice and other messages of the users to provide security to the people – some national commentators added that this leak shows the efforts of the country for the protection of the citizen.

The documents that are leaked shows that CIA has hired the fleet of the hackers since 2001 and these hackers are working to develop a spy system where the CIA spy their own people through their electronic devices including television.

The documents also showed the variety of tools that are used by the CIA for approaching the citizens including malware, virus, and others – some of the weapons are intelligent to turn the microphone into listening devices.

The leak information contains even the weapons, as well as cyber weapons and also contains the information of the email address, IP addresses and thousands of attack of CIA – the information is enough for the rivals to take on the weapons of the agency.

They are also targeting the citizens and approaching their mobile phones, they have developed the weapons to reach the windows, malware, Linux, OS and android devices and much more.

Source of Documents: The documents that are leaked contain the confidential data of the agency and it was obtained from Langley but the Wikileaks has not revealed the exact identity of the source that leaked the documents.

What is a purpose of a leak?

The wiki leaks also added that one possibility of leakage of documents is to start a debate about the security and cyber weapons – the CIA has different cyber weapons and is hacking everyone or every platform for their own needs i.e. different platforms have vulnerabilities and CIA is developing tools to exploit their needs.

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