Clinton warns the danger of fake news as it has real world consequences

Clinton warns the danger of fake news as it has real world consequences

Hillary Clinton has issued a serious warning against the fake news and mentioned it as real world consequences since after losing the election.

Clinton was in rare public appearance after losing the election warned over false news stories online as an incident where a man opened fire after reading the fake news and she calls for urgent action against the untrue news spreading in the world. In her second public address of the Clinton, she urged the government to take action and aware of discredited news stories and tackle the situation.

The fake news converted into a deadly situation when a rifle-wielding man entered the pizza restaurant of Washington and also opened the fire as he read the fake news story stated that restaurant is harboring children for the sex – thankfully no one was injured.

The Clinton tell the media and other that fake news is ‘real world consequence’ and we need to tackle it and she cleared the senators of US and former politic person that this is not politics but the fact is that lives are at extreme risk and possibly fake news on social media have danger outcomes in the future.

The fake news propaganda is rising from the past year before the election and she commented whether she believed fake news had cost her election or not but she is calling the government and firm to take action against fake news that flooded over the social media. She stressed that the danger must be talked quickly as the lives of the persons are much important for us and their protection is our responsibility and private and public sectors step forward to protect the innocent lives and democracy.inside

This is the second time when Clinton get addressed to the public and media after her losing of the election and said that this is not the speech but a leading issue of daily routine and as she took the stage the audience give her standing ovation and avoid the reporters from telling the answer against is fake news stories had cost her election or not?

The person Edgar who found with a gun in the pizza restaurant discovered more two weapons with him and he shot three fired before police arrested him and he comes here to investigate the fake news by him instead of police.

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