Cycflix, Cross-trainer, Let You Make Sweat To Watch Netflix

Cycflix, Cross-trainer, Let You Make Sweat To Watch Netflix

Are you on a treadmill of weight loss? But watching your favorite shows on Netflix will ruin your fitness routine then you don’t need to worry Cycflix is introduced for you.

You are watching your favorite shows on the comfortable sofas that remain okay for the comfort level but doesn’t lose your weight and this time Cycflix will turn the people on a treadmill of weight loss.

Cycflix – project to lose weight:

  • Cycflix is actually the hack for the people that are extra lazy and don’t pay attention towards their fitness routine as it was not the official launch project of the organization but hack was made by the student of the Dublin Institute.
  • The idea is quite simple and relatively comfortable for the people and everyone can enjoy the campaign of this idea, you just need to hook up your television with the stationary cycle and your show only plays if you ride the cycle.
  • This project becomes relatively popular on the internet and state the Netflix shows as ‘enjoy your favorite shows with burning your calories’

Mechanism of Cycflix:

  • The project will work when you attach the Arduino to your stationary bike near to your television and set the bike pedals with the Netflix shows. You should need to set your workout routine with the bike and start pedaling.
  • This is the clear mechanism towards your bike riding for burning calories as when you reached your preset speed of cycle Netflix will start streaming your favorite show and when you drop the speed Netflix will automatically pause until you pick up the pace.
  • Cycflix is the project that can work for your fitness routines as you are able to set the length of your workout, rests and what show you want to watch.
  • Cycflix project can also be used with the other streaming services like Hulu and whatever you want to adopt and reach your desired mission of weight loss.
  • Obviously, this is the pretty elaborate thing for losing weight and burns some calories in front of your TV channel and keeps pedaling to stream your show.

Do you make this idea by your own?

The student of Dublin Institute, Byrne amazed the people with a brilliant idea of losing weight – although he uploaded the details of the project on GitHub and a pretty well-defined step-by-step procedure is mentioned to help the people.

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